About South Africa

South Africa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa, as it offers truly magnificent views and has an abundance of activities to enjoy. This Southern African country is rich with culture and traditions; with every citizen having a unique heritage, culture and story to tell. Here, guests will find themselves enchanted with a unique vibrancy and absorbed in the freedom of every citizen. The combination of the beauty of the landscape and friendly nature of the locals makes South Africa a truly inspiring and exciting country to explore.
Since the 17th century and the arrival of its very first settlers, South Africa has been claimed, to be one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Not only is the weather warm and mild throughout the year, but locals and visitors enjoying an endlessly beautiful scenery and diversity in landscapes. Undoubtedly, South Africa’s main attractions are it’s beautiful mountain and coastal views, however it’s cities also attract more than enough tourist attention.

In 2010, South Africa hosted the FIFA Soccer World Cup, putting on an incredible show and proving themselves as one of the world’s leaders in the hospitality industry. Guests were made to feel welcome and encouraged to participate in local celebrations and enjoy the sights of each region; a factor which surely contributed to the Mother City of South Africa, Cape Town, being voted by TripAdvisor to be the most desired tourist destination in the world.

Among South Africa’s other top attractions are Johannesburg (The City of Gold), Durban (a surfer’s paradise), Port Elizabeth (the friendly city), the Garden Route and the Kruger National Park. A trip through this stunning country will show you just how far it’s come since the days of Apartheid and will showcase the diversity, vibrancy and freedom which makes South Africa a pleasure to visit today.