Your Vehicle Experience


Nomad has the newest and most modern fleet around. Our vehicles are custom built in our workshop and conform to the highest safety standards. All our designs are approved by the South African safety regulator (NRCS) and built according to strict standards. Each truck is fitted with:

  • Freezers to keep food fresh in the African heat.
  • Individual seats with seat belts and ample leg-room
  • Overhead luggage racks.
  • Lockers for your backpacks (±35 cm square, 80cm deep)
  • A safe for your valuables.
  • A well-stocked first aid kit is on hand for emergencies.
  • I-pod / MP3 points
  • Charging facilities for cameras, batteries etc
  • PA System
  • Kitchen and stove
  • Water tank
  • Cooler boxes
  • Table for food preparation
  • Hand-dishwashing facilities
  • And much more…

While there are similarities between our vehicles, our camping/accommodated trucks have 24 seats and additional packing space for camping equipment. Ideal for small or large groups, we also have a club area, ideal for playing cards or socialising. We encourage seat rotation so that we can all get to know each other better. Please see the features below.

These vehicles have been designed with the more discerned traveller in mind. We offer ample leg room with air-conditioning and an on-board toilet as some of the features. These vehicles are for maximum 12 clients, but makes for easy travelling even when full. Please see the features below.

While the above vehicles are quite standard as safari vehicles, depending on the area or terrain, we do make use of alternatives. These include vehicles such as open sided 4×4’s as well as mini vans with pop up roofs as pictured here. Vehicle selection is based on the enhancement of your safari or game driving experience.

Nomad’s custom built and designed adventure trucks are fully stocked before every tour. Jam packed with everything from tents and chairs to bats and balls, the vehicle is made ready for epic adventure.

Within the parts of the truck that are accessible to guests while the truck is in motion we have:

  • Individual lockers where you can store your backpack or duffel bag – it’s a great advantage to have these close at hand for when you need them.
  • A 98 litre cooler box is at your daily disposal. Keep it stocked with ice and pop your daily drinks into it stay refreshed and hydrated.
  • There is a table at the front of the truck for those of you who would like to play a board game or have a game of cards.
  • There are also charging facilities on the truck however we recommend that you only make use of these facilities while the truck is plugged into a land supply at a camp site due to variable currents and potential damage to your equipment.
  • There are fridges on all trucks and these are used by the cook to ensure that the food that he has catered for you stays fresh and cold.
  • Overhead shelving can be used to store items that you’d like super quick access to.

Within the body of the truck that is closed up during your time on the road we have:

  • Canvas camping chairs to set up around the fireside where you can regale your tour stories of the day gone by.
  • We provide trestle tables and table cloths for you to enjoy your dinner around in the evening.
  • 2.5 x 2.5 meter canvas tents. These tents are custom made from the finest quality canvas available on the market as they have to withstand being erected daily. As you can imagine, while you are camping, you are sometimes exposed to wind and rain. If you do not enjoy getting wet, please be very sure to check the seasons that you are travelling in and perhaps consider amending your travel date or opt for an accommodated tour option (the Garden Route in Winter). While canvas tents are highly water resistant, when they get packed up wet, they generally tend to stay wet for a while. In the majority of cases you will have the option to upgrade to accommodation on tour if you feel that you’d prefer to be 100% dry all the time.
  • Foam mattresses will keep you comfortable at night when you’re getting your well deserved beauty sleep.
  • Kettles, pots, pans, crockery, cutlery and everything including the kitchen sink! We also carry gas burners to prepare our meals as well as braai / bbq equipment for the fire.
  • We also carry all safety equipment for example first aid kits, fire extinguishers, 200 litre water tank for emergencies and tyre changing equipment.

Our state of the art workshop in Somerset West, just outside Cape Town, is the backbone of Nomad. We are one of the only adventure tour operators who have our own fully registered and SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) approved truck building facility.  Our trucks are fully maintained and the bodies are lovingly built in our workshop in Cape Town and they now also have a brand new turnaround spot in Johannesburg at our new guest house, Belvedere Estate.  Your safety and comfort are our first priority and most of our tours cover large distances so there is a fair amount of time spent in the trucks, good reason to ensure that they are the best on the road.