About Malawi

Malawi, previously known as Nyasaland during colonial times, shares a border with Tanzania, Zambia, and Mozambique and is one of Africa’s smallest nations, being 118 000 square kilometres in size. For such a small nation, Malawi has an incredibly large population; 13 900 000 people call this land “home”. Malawi is an elongated country which can be divided into three sections, known as the north, central and southern regions.

The beauty of travelling to Malawi is that you can see something of everything that the country has to offer. For instance, whether you’re in the north, central or south you’ll be able to tour the magnificent Lake Malawi, and regardless of where you find yourself staying in Malawi accommodation, you’ll learn something exciting about the local tribes and custom, see it’s beautiful plains and mountains, and be able to observe the countries abundance of wildlife.

Lilongwe is the capital city of Malawi despite Blantyre being the largest. Both cities however offer fantastic tourist opportunities for tourists to explore, experience the local cuisine and learn something about the lifestyle of the locals. Malawi is however, one of the world’s most under-developed countries, with most of its citizens making their lives in rural parts as farmers. The beautiful attractions, landscape and wildlife entices thousands of tourists every year, aiding to the country’s economy.

Malawi is known to be The Heart Of Africa; showcasing not only their own beauty and lifestyles, but representing so many other African nations through their political and economic structure and idyllic scenery.