About Lesotho

Lesotho is a landlocked country that is surrounded by South Africa. Also known as the Kingdom of Lesotho, the Land of our Fathers, and the Kingdom in the Sky, this is a nation submersed in tradition and culture. It’s famous for its beautiful mountain passes, small communities and wildlife. Due to its altitude, Lesotho remains cools throughout the year with snow covering many of its peaks and mountains passes. Undoubtedly, this nation is most popular with tourists wishing to loose themselves in the beauty and tranquillity of the outdoors.

The Kingdom of Lesotho has hardly been affected by the hands of man; in fact it’s probably the Southern African nation which lives closely to its traditional ways and values. The country’s capital of Maseru is its largest city, providing jobs and a more modern lifestyle to a large portion of the 2 067 000 people who call this country their own. 75% of the population who lives outside of the capital can be found in small communities, many of them still living in their traditional mud huts and can only be reached by foot or horseback.

Exploring Lesotho is an experience some of the world’s most avid hikers dream of experiencing. Not only will you met with truly beautiful sights, endless mountain ranges and come across historical villages and rock art, but as they’ll have miles and miles to explore on their own, without a sign of human life or technology to turn their thoughts back to the “real world”. Their mountain passes are also popular amongst ambitious and professional cyclists wishing to train.

The Sehlabathebe National Park is Leshoto’s most popular game and national park which allow guests to observe Lesotho’s wildlife. Here, guests will be able to learn more about the natural landscape and wildlife of Lesotho, and indulge in the peace and quiet that this nation has to offer amongst its vibrant culture.