About Uganda

Uganda is also known as the “Pearl of Africa” and is the Eastern African country that is the most central. Its name derives from the Buganda Kingdom which historically stretches over the southern regions of the nation. It’s made up of over a hundred districts and several different regions; each one offering something unique and consists of different tribes and landscapes.

The western region of Uganda is an incredibly beautiful region; a wonderland of golden plains, thick rain forests, snow peaked mountains, and tea plantations. It is here where the rare African gorillas can be found, located in the game reserves, mountain regions and forest reserves. This is a popular region among explorers and entices the majority of the country’s tourism.

The central region of Uganda has preserved many cultural sites, making sure that the kingdom’s heritage sites and buildings are preserved for future generations to observe and learn from. The nation’s capital of Kampala can be found here, as can Uganda’s most beautiful waterfalls and water bodies, such as Lake Victoria.

Travelling towards the Eastern Region of Uganda you’ll come across the source of the river Nile and the Bujagali falls. Here you can go bunjy jumping and go on a white water rafting adventure. This region is truly beautiful and continues to mesmerize tourists every year with its majestic mountain ranges while the Nyero rock paintings give tourists and locals an insight into the nation’s past. Lastly, the Northern Region of Uganda offers an enchanting perspective into the nation’s tribes and national parks.

A visit to Uganda will give you an insight into the rich heritage and culture of Eastern Africa. Stay in Uganda accommodation that’ll treat you to the local cuisine (influence by Asian, English, Arab and Indian techniques and flavours) and learn about the history and beauty of one of Africa’s most beautiful nations.