Mozambique is a true paradise with endless idyllic beaches and a vibrant relaxed atmosphere; not only the perfect getaway for a family and honeymooning couple, but a country rich in economic and commercial properties. Surrounded by Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and South Africa, and with the Indian Ocean meeting its entire eastern border, Mozambique is the 34th largest country in the world.

Mozambique was liberated from its colonizers, Portugal, in 1975 and became the People’s Republic of Mozambique. Two years laters however, it was submersed in a civil war which lasted then until 1992, when it reached a democratic turning point. Today, Mozambique has a stable political climate and a growing economy, aided by its constantly budding tourism industry.

With its tropical climate, vibrant atmosphere, serene beaches and unique culture, Mozambique is a true paradise; the perfect getaway for anyone. Spend a day lounging on a pristine beach, go diving in its transparent waters, go fishing and explore the local food and craft markets. Mozambique has nine national parks, making it easy and convenient for tourists to observe its wildlife and diverse landscapes.

Mozambique is famous for putting on a good show for its guests at night time; with its unique blend of music and being the creator of the Marimba instrument, there will be no shortages of festive atmospheres throughout the year. Team the atmosphere with fresh cocktails and a beautiful location and you’ll be on the way to having the time of your life.

Nomad tours will show you the beautiful attractions of Mozambique, as well as taking you to it’s beautiful islands such as Bazaruto. This tropical nation with a truly unique Portuguese and African blend of cultures will treat you a holiday that you’ll never forget.

  • Area: 801 590 km²
  • Avg. Life Expectancy: 58,31 years
  • Population est: 29,67 million
  • Literacy: 58.8%
  • Capital city: Maputo
  • Portuguese is the official language of Mozambique but 90% of Mozambicans use another language. According to world language catalogue Ethnologue, Mozambique has 43 languages.

  • Do I need vaccinations to visit Mozambique? 
  • Are there any age restrictions on Mozambican Tours? 
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  • What do I pack?  A sense of fun and a flexible attitude! A full checklist of essential items is included in the pre-departure info document.
  • What do I leave behind? Your watch, cellphone, laptop, work, stress, concept of time, pre-conceptions about anything and any attitude that is not pure adventure.