Very important!

As visa requirements vary considerably depending on your nationality, please contact the various embassies or visa service agencies to re-check visa requirements at least four weeks prior to departing for your tour. Please note that visas are the responsibility of the traveller and that Nomad Tours & Safaris will not be held responsible for clients being denied entry should they not be in the possession of the relevant visas.

All travellers must be in possession of a valid onward/return air ticket or proof of other means of transport enabling the traveller to leave the country in which your adventure tour terminates. Alternatively you must have proof of sufficient funds (e.g. credit card) enabling you to purchase an air ticket to leave the country. Should the adventure tour you are joining be re-entering a country, be sure to have a multiple entry visa that enables you to re-enter the country.

Visa regulations in Africa change from time to time. Please contact the embassies of the countries you plan to visit on your Nomad Tour. Arranging VISAS is not our specialty and due to this we do not always have the most updated information as these regulations change regularly. We suggest that you contact Relocation Online who will be able to provide accurate information or alternatively check with the local embassy.

If your itinerary includes Mozambique and you require a visa, please ensure that you apply for this before coming on tour with us as this visa in particular takes a long time to process at the border.

All visitors to Kenya are required to pre-apply for their visas online  Please ensure that you have submitted your application online and are in possession of your visa prior to embarking on a Nomad tour. 

Your Passport

Your passport must have enough pages for all visas, at least 2 pages free for every country that you’ll be visiting. Please ensure that you take your passport out from your hotel / backpackers safe the night before departure. We recommend that you also leave a copy at home or with some friends. Another good idea would be to take a photo of your passport, and the contents, and email it to yourself. Please note that South Africa insists having 2 clear pages available when you enter the country. Keep this in mind if you are going to fly home from South Africa after completing a tour to multiple African countries.

Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months after your date of departure from Africa.

You are personally responsible for ensuring that passports, visas, vaccination certificates and other travel documents are in order and for all costs relating thereto.  Please note that it is not advisable to use more than one passport (to avoid visa payments) when travelling. When entering (for example) Namibia, the immigration official needs to see the exit stamp for South Africa and it must be in the same passport in order to allow entry.