World Oceans Day 2016

Some of our tours allow you to appreciate the magnificent oceans that the African coastline has to offer, but did you know, even if you choose a tour that doesn’t include some beach time, you are always somehow connected to the ocean? On this Ocean Day, we thought we’d share some of the reasons why this is, and perhaps spark your curiosity towards one of mother natures true wonders. 

1. The Food on your Plate

Even if you’re in a landlocked destination, you may still see some seafood on the menu. However, we’re sure you would be surprised to know that there are many other foods that are connected to the ocean. Algae and kelp derived from the ocean are often staple ingredients in producing foodstuffs such as peanut butter, soy milk and many frozen foods. Also, a considerable amount of seafood is ground up into fish meal and oil which is then fed to livestock all over the world.

2. The Air we Breathe 

Oceans are essential to the survival of humans on this planet as it produces half of the world’s oxygen! Besides the production of oxygen, the ocean’s waters also absorb nearly one-third of human-caused carbon dioxide emissions.

3. Many Bare Essentials 

If you look at many of your cosmetics in your bathroom cupboard, you may be surprised to see that many of the ingredients are derived from the ocean. Besides basic bare essentials such as shampoos and soaps, today’s medicines that are used to fight the likes of cancer and arthritis are derived from mother nature’s bounty of the ocean. Scientists are continuously searching the ocean floor for ocean ingredients that could unlock a new generation of life-saving drugs.

4. Jobs

If you head to any busy harbor in any major city, you’ll see that it is bustling with economic activity. Many individuals around the world rely on the ocean to make an income and put food on the table. These jobs range from ocean tourism to retrieving living resources.

5. Safety 

If oceans are maintained correctly, healthy marine habitats like reefs and barrier islands can lessen the effect of hurricanes and storm surges of vulnerable coastal communities.

Everyone’s Responsibility 

We are all affected by the oceans in some way, even if we are in landlocked destinations. While we may just deem the oceans for being useful for recreational activities, the health of the oceans is critical for our survival. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every one of us to appreciate and look after the world’s oceans.

Here are some of our tours that visit the ocean:

Covering 8 African countries (Southern and East), this is one incredible 29 day adventure encompassing tropical beaches, world renowned game parks and all the adventure activities you could imagine.

  • Duration
    29 Days
  • From
      Camping R25,200 NJN
      Accommodated R31,900 NAJN

An idyllic paradise awaits you on the beaches of Mozambique as we discover local cuisine, island lifestyle, magical underwater sea life and soak up the tropical sun.

  • Duration
    8 Days
  • From
      Accommodated R10,950 NAMZ

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