The Annual Flooding in the Okavango Delta of Botswana

Meandering from the Angolan highlands all the way to Botswana, is the unique Okavango Delta.  Looking at a satellite image you can easily see snaking blue lines as this magnificent river spreads into an alluvial fan in the middle of one of the World’s biggest stretches of sand. It is a truly magical experience visiting this oasis, but the true magic lies in timing a visit to coincide with the coming of the winter floods.

These floods lie behind the formation of the Okavango Delta and allow the vibrant ecosystem to thrive. The process begins when the summer rainfalls from the  Angola highlands (January–February) drains into the Okavango River and is then spread over the delta over the next four months (March–June). This flooding is known to attract the greatest concentrations of wildlife in Africa, which is most evident during the flood peaks between June and August, during Botswana’s dry winter months.

During this time of much anticipated relief, the delta comes to life as the the delta swells to three times its permanent size. As the floodplains spread, the results are almost immediately evident – greens begin to shoot, antelope give birth and the once dull, brown landscape turns to an unimaginable palette of green colours.

However, the large concentration of wildlife are not year-round residents. They migrate to the delta as winter approaches and then leave with the summer rains to find renewed grazing and hunting opportunities. So planning a trip the Okavango Delta during the winter is a great way to ensure that you experience the abundant amount of wildlife the area has to offer during that time.

While visiting the delta during this period, there are a few once-in-a-lifetime activities to really immerse oneself in the full experience. These activities, which can be organized through Nomad Africa Adventure Tours, include hot air ballooning, games drives, mokoro trips, nature walks and boat cruises. Now, what can be better than gliding silently over herds of wildlife in a hot air balloon, having a scent of mystery hanging in the air while on a nature walk or navigating the Delta’s swampy, marshland in a mokoro – a local, dugout canoe?


Some of our tours that include the Okavango Delta:

We seek out Africa’s top spots exploring the waterways of the Okavango Delta, the heights of Victoria Falls and the secrets that lie within the South Luangwa National Park.

  • Duration
    19 Days
  • From
      Camping R21,000 NJZ
      Accommodated R25,900 NAJZ

The perfect combination of cultural interaction with the Himba tribe, wildlife experience in Etosha and Okavango Delta, breathtaking scenery and adrenaline inducing adventure in Vic Falls and Swakopmund!

  • Duration
    14 Days
  • From
      Camping R12,950 NSV
      Accommodated R17,750 NASV


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