Until the end of 2013, Nomad operated two types of trucks on our tours.  Both were uniquely modified to suit the different tour requirements however one model was newer than the other, has large top to bottom sliding windows and individual lockers for all guests on the truck.  Based on feedback from the tours we realised quickly that the lockers and large windows were important for our guests so we quickly phased out the original style truck and our entire fleet now consists only of the newer model.  We also continue to grow the fleet with 8 new trucks every year.

Our workshop – The backbone of Nomad

Nomad has a state of the art workshop in Somerset West, just outside Cape Town and we are one of the only adventure tour operators who have our own fully registered and SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) approved truck building facility.  Our trucks are fully maintained and the bodies are lovingly built in our workshop in Cape Town and they now also have a brand new turnaround spot in Johannesburg at our new guest house, Belvedere Estate.  Your safety and comfort are our first priority and most of our tours cover large distances so there is a fair amount of time spent in the trucks, good reason to ensure that they are the best on the road.

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East African Safari Vehicles

Not all of our tours are operated on customised adventure trucks, some of them are operated on smaller, open top vehicles.  These safari vehicles, such as the ones highlighted above, are able to handle rougher terrains and conditions than the larger trucks. Unlike the trucks these vehicles are not built to sustain long distance travel, but they are ideal for game viewing in the National Parks of the Masai Mara, Serengeti and Kruger.