In Somerset West, just outside Cape Town, Nomad’s state of the art workshop and truck building facility is where all the action happens.  From inception to beautifully designed and constructed, our trucks are created with passion and a lot of skill.

This is also where our trucks are maintained and all are on a rotational schedule where they constantly checked and serviced.  Your safety and comfort are our first priority and are of paramount importance to us and we have therefore ensured that we have the safest adventure tour trucks on the road.  Most of our tours cover large distances and a lot of time is spent in the trucks.

Each truck is fitted with

  • Freezers to keep food fresh in the African heat.
  • Individual seats with seat belts and ample leg-room
  • Overhead luggage racks.
  • Lockers for your backpacks (±35 cm square, 80cm deep)
  • A safe for your valuables.
  • A well-stocked first aid kit is on hand for emergencies.
  • Reading material (fiction & field guides), games and recreational gear to keep you well entertained.
  • I-pod / MP3 points
  • Charging facilities for cameras, batteries etc
  • PA System
  • Kitchen and stove
  • Water tank
  • Cooler boxes
  • Table for food preparation
  • Hand-dishwashing facilities
  • And much more

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