If there’s one place in the world that you have to visit, it’s Africa!

What is it that makes you want to travel? I’m not talking about taking a weekend outing with your friends; I’m talking about the kind of travel that makes you come alive! The kind of travel where you push all your boundaries, slip in and out of your comfort zone, live and experience adventures that are outside your realm of possibility!

What is it that makes you book that long haul flight and travel half way across the globe? Is it simply curiosity? A bucket list maybe? Or have you been inspired by a friend or family member who has done a similar trip? Did you see a mind blowing programme on television or read something on the internet that inspired you? Ultimately, each of us have a story that we want to create and tell and we all have an endless yearning to make that story the most interesting and exciting story out there! The human spirit is always on the lookout for a unique experience, a new environment and a moment that will intrinsically change its way of life.

If this sounds like you, you need to come to Africa, and if you’ve been here before, you have to come again. If you have never considered Africa as the ultimate destination, it’s time to take your journey of discovery and start talking, listening, watching and reading about the endless possibilities and the life changing encounters that could be yours! For those of you who have visited, spread the love and tell your stories and get ready to create new ones as every visit will astound you with the abundant variety and possibilities.

Be warned, Africa will capture your heart! You will fall in love with her people, no matter what colour or creed. Families, who have struggled for survival in the harshest environments, financially own nothing, yet are the kindest and most generous of spirit and soul. They will easily offer you the gift of new friendship and dazzle you with their uninhibited smiles and vicarious way of life. Africa, a land of mighty warriors, nomadic pastoralists and hunter gatherers.

Watch the sun set over the ocean then simply turn around and watch the moon rise over the mountains, stand on the Southernmost tip of Africa, walk in the bush with wild animals, have a foot in each Tropic or on either side of the Equator, trek through tropical rain forests to see one of the world’s most endangered primates or climb craggy mountains on horseback, soak up the sun on an endless white sand beach or watch the sun rise from the top of one of the most ancient deserts in the world! The wide open spaces, the diamond sparkling night skies and the endless possibility of experiences will captivate your spirit.

The animals that you will encounter are being pushed to the brink of extinction by the growth of the population and man’s endless demand for more resources. When you visit, your park fee contribution will go towards ensuring the survival of these unique and fascinating species. There are not many places on earth where you can witness a leopard hunting an impala, dive with a great white shark, sleep in a tent with no fences between you and the wilderness, walk with a rhino or dodge a hippo.

How can you afford to miss out? You can’t! So come and play with us and have an authentic African experience as you discover all the quirky charms this fascinating continent has to offer.

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