Embark on an enchanting 16 day East African odyssey with our meticulously curated Zanzibar and Victoria Falls tour. This unforgettable journey artfully blends exhilarating wildlife encounters, verdant landscapes, and tranquil beach vistas, seasoned with occasional dashes of adventure to elevate your pulse.

Our captivating escapade commences in Dar es Salaam, a bustling port city. A tranquil two-hour ferry journey from here escorts us to the dreamy shores of Zanzibar, your refuge for relaxation enveloped by shimmering white sands and cobalt blue waters.

Zanzibar welcomes you with a potpourri of experiences. You can bask in the sun-kissed serenity of Nungwi’s scenic beaches in the north or delve into a myriad of aquatic escapades. From thrilling ocean safaris to snorkeling adventures and fishing, there’s something to satiate every adventurer’s thirst.

Our odyssey through Zanzibar takes us next to Stone Town. Here, a walking tour reveals an immersive cultural panorama as we tread through bustling local settlements and aromatic spice gardens. Stone Town, the historic hub of the island, spins tales of its spice and slave trade past, presenting a powerful chronicle of bygone eras.

The thrumming pulse of our journey leads us next to Tanzania’s mainland, to the outskirts of Mikumi National Park. Here, a spectacular safari paints a vibrant tableau of Africa’s diverse fauna, making for a memory etched in gold.

Our African adventure meanders towards Malawi after a short yet sumptuous pitstop at a local coffee plantation. In the heart of Africa, you’ll discover the charm of Lake Malawi. This pristine freshwater lake invites you for a swim, a snorkel, or a blissful lounging session on its shores, soaking in the beauty of your surroundings.

With the tranquil Lake Malawi sunrise as our backdrop, we chart our course to Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park. Witness the magic of a sunset safari in this revered sanctuary that sets hearts racing for wildlife aficionados worldwide.

The grand finale of our tour unfolds at the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls. The thunderous roar of the falls invigorates the senses, ending our journey on a resounding high note. The conclusion of our tour is Livingstone, but those who yearn for more African magic can extend their journey with our optional 6-day Zimbabwe Safari. Join us on this journey, and let’s weave together stories that will echo in your heart forever.

Day 1 – Zanzibar Beaches

After meeting your crew and fellow travellers, we complete the short journey to the ferry port and board our ferry for the two hour trip to Zanzibar. Once in Zanzibar we make our way to the eastern shores of the island where we will spend the next two nights at a beachfront resort.  Relax on the beach, enjoy the infinity swimming pool or rent a bicycle and explore the neighbourhood.  You will have the opportunity to leave your main luggage with the driver in the truck while you are on Zanzibar.  If you so wish to do so, please ensure you pack a smaller backpack before meeting the crew. 


Day 2 – Zanzibar Beaches

Today is a free day to enjoy some of the attractions and activities on offer. Whatever it is you chose to do today, you will have ample opportunity to create some island memories. Explore the many attractions on offer or simply relax on the beach and soak up the sun.

Day 3 – Stone Town (Zanzibar)

This morning we transfer by road to Stone Town.  Before we arrive in Stone Town, we will stop along the way to enjoy a guided walking spice tour, which passes through villages and spice plantations.  You will be able to witness first-hand how spice farm workers climb the trees and seek out specific plants and will have the opportunity to purchase fresh spices directly from these farms.  We continue to Stone Town, boasting a rich history this busy port town was once a landmark on both the Slave and Spice trade routes.  We will enjoy a walking tour of Stone Town to discover the more well known landmarks, including the birthplace of Freddy Mercury. 

Day 4 – Dar es Salaam

We bid farewell to the island of Zanzibar and we catch our ferry back to Dar es Salaam in the early afternoon, where we will overnight before continuing our journey.

Day 5 – Mikumi

Leaving the coast behind us we travel inland and make our way to Mikumi where we stop for the night. Mikumi National Park ranks as the fourth largest park in Tanzania and forms part of a 75 000 square kilometre wilderness that centres on Selous, Africa’s largest game reserve.

Day 6 – Iringa

The town of Iringa sits on a cliff overlooking the Ruaha River Valley.  The town centre offers the visitor a view into the past with its German colonial buildings and a popular market. The Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery memorialises soldiers who died in local battles during WWI and WWII.

Before reaching the town, we have a quick stop at the Baobab Valley, a mesmerizing landscape dotted with ancient, towering baobab trees that have stood the test of time. These iconic trees create a surreal and breath-taking scene, casting dramatic shadows against the African savannah, the perfect backdrop to stop for a group picture.

Day 7 – Mbeya Region

This afternoon we will make a stop at a local coffee plantation where we have the opportunity to see the process of growing and harvesting coffee beans and will be able to sample some of the beans.

Day 8 – Lake Malawi
Leaving Tanzania behind, we descend the Great Rift Valley and cross the border into Malawi. Known as the “Warm Heart of Africa” the lakeside country is blessed with natural beauty Our destination tonight is the shores of Lake Malawi where we look forward to spending the night enjoying the attractions of the northern regions of the lake.  Snorkelling in the crystal waters offers the chance to see first-hand the brilliantly coloured tropical cichlids, tiny fish often found in colourful aquariums around the world. 

Day 9 – Lake Malawi

This morning we board our truck and head further South of Lake Malawi. Our destination tonight is the shores of Lake Malawi.  Stretching over 500km along the western boundary of Malawi, the lake is home to more species of fish than any other lake. We spend the night on the shores of this natural wonder.

Day 10 – Lake Malawi

Today is another day of leisure, relaxing at the lake.  Use the time to read a book, soak up the sun or indulge in the many attractions that are on offer.

Day 11 – South Luangwa

This morning we enjoy a final sunrise on the shores of Lake Malawi before setting off for Zambia and the South Luangwa National Park.  After crossing the border into Zambia we make a short stop in Chipata before continuing to our camp on the banks of the Luangwa River. Having watched the sun rise over Lake Malawi in the morning we enjoy an equally spectacular sunset over the Luangwa River this evening.

Day 12 – South Luangwa

South Luangwa National Park is a world-class safari destination and we have a full day to explore the park in search of the variety of wildlife found in the park. This morning you can partake in an optional morning safari or during the dry season (April to December) you can join one of the iconic walking safaris on offer in the park. This afternoon we will enjoy a Sunset Drive in the park, enjoying a sundowner on the way. The unique opportunity to explore the park at night gives us a chance to spot the elusive nocturnal species that are rarely seen in the day.

Day 13 – Petauke

Leaving the Luangwa Valley this morning, we make a stop at Mulberry Mongoose to view their local jewellery and curios, these accessories are hand crafted by local ladies from South Luangwa using organic materials originating from the African bush. The Chipata area is a major producer of cotton and we get a taste of the creativity of the African culture.  Our destination tonight is the small town of Petauke.

Day 14 – Petuake – Chirundu

Setting off we head west towards Chirundu, our destination for the night, we make a delightful stop at Luangwa Market, a bustling hub where local Zambian vendors showcase their wares. Among the treasures on display are masau and masaku, delectable fruits that are available year-round and renowned for their mouth-watering taste. In addition, other African curios catch our eye, from charming miniature hippos to intricately woven baskets and papyrus carpets, adding to the colourful tapestry of this vibrant marketplace. As an important link between Lusaka and neighbouring Malawi, the Great East Road winds through rural Zambia and we will cross the mighty Luangwa River along the way. Dotted with villages and subsistence farms, todays landscapes serve as a stark contrast to the developed countries so many of us call home.

Day 15 – Chirundu

As our lodge is situated along the banks of the Kafue River, today is free for you to participate in some of the activities on offer.  Fishing on the Zambezi River is one of the most popular activities, or book a full day safari experience in the Lower Zambezi National Park. Other optional activities include a river safari, birding and an excursion to the baobab forest and bat cave. 

Day 16 – Livingstone

Crossing the Southern reaches of Zambia we make our way to the adventure town of Livingstone located right on Victoria Falls. This afternoon you can get your first look at the mighty Victoria Falls, or as the Zambian locals call it, “Musi oa Tunya”, the Smoke that Thunders as the falls are known in the local language. Livingstone offers a host of optional activities and these can be booked on arrival. Your tour comes to an end upon arrival in Livingstone.

  •   Crew2 Crew
  •   Max Passengers 20 Passengers Max
  •   Vehicle 20 Seater Vehicle
  •   Duration16 Days and 15 Nights
  •   From / To Zanzibar to Livingstone
  •   Meals13 Breakfast  14 Lunch 13 Dinner
  •   Countries Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Our 14 day Zanzibar & Victoria Falls tour takes you into the heart of East Africa on an optimal bush and beach experience, with a little adventure thrown in to keep you on your toes. Meeting in the port city of Dar es Salaam, a 2-hour ferry crossing will deliver us to the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters of Zanzibar, the perfect destination for rest and relaxation. Your time on Zanzibar is split between the northern reaches of Nungwi, where there are many attractions and activities on offer. Water sports, fishing, snorkelling and an ocean safari are just some of the offerings available. The other option is to simply relax on the beach and soak up the sun. En route to Stone Town, we participate in a walking spice tour, passing through villages and spice plantations. Stone Town offers a rich history and was once a landmark on both the slave and spice trade routes. Back on the mainland, our Tanzania tour continues as we travel inland to the outskirts of Mikumi National Park for some safari time. Next up, we travel to Malawi, but not before sampling some coffee beans at a local coffee plantation. Malawi, the warm heart of Africa sees us spend time at one of Malawi’s attractions, Lake Malawi. We spend time on the shores of the fresh water lake, swim, snorkel or grab a book and relax. After our final sunrise over the lake, we take aim for the pristine South Luangwa National park in Zambia where we will enjoy a sunset safari through the park. South Luangwa National Park is a world-class safari destination, making it must see Zambia tourist attraction. Crossing the Southern reaches of Zambia we make our way Victoria Falls and cross over the bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe we get a view of the majestic Victoria Falls. Our tour comes to an end upon arrival in Victoria Falls, however we offer a 6 day Zimbabwe Safari which can be looped onto this journey.


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