Embrace the wild beauty of Uganda as you embark on our illustrious Gorilla Encounter safari journey, the pinnacle of which is the heart-stirring face-to-face interaction with the critically endangered mountain gorillas. Notwithstanding, our adventure-laden trip further includes an immersive trek into the realm of chimpanzees and an enchanting boat expedition within the landscapes of the Murchison Falls National Park.

Your tour guide welcomes you in the vibrant city of Kampala, from where we steer our voyage towards Murchison Falls National Park. This stunning sanctuary is renowned for the Murchison Falls, a spectacular waterfall formed on the Nile’s course, and hosts an array of wildlife including majestic buffalos and elephants. Visiting the falls is an unforgettable experience; witness the formidable Nile squeeze through a 7-meter wide gorge before cascading about 43 meters downwards, a sight that undoubtedly commands awe.

Upon bidding farewell to Murchison Falls National Park, our next stop is Budongo Forest, the largest expanse of Mahogany forest in East Africa. The forest, home to approximately 610 chimpanzees, boasts the highest chimp population in Uganda. Our expert guide will lead us on an exciting trek through the forest, as we immerse ourselves in the quest to meet our closest relatives in the wild.

From the northern hemisphere, we traverse the equator, journeying towards the picturesque Lake Bunyonyi in the south. The critically endangered mountain gorillas, believed to be no more than 650 in number globally, find sanctuary in Bwindi. This forest, translating to “darkness”, houses over half the world’s mountain gorilla population, with around 300 calling it home. Trekking in this dense forest reveals why it earned its intriguing name.

After the thrilling encounters, relax and rejuvenate by the tranquil Lake Bunyonyi. During your leisure time, partake in optional activities, hike through the breathtaking terrains, or feel the thrill of exploring the serene surroundings on a mountain bike. This Ugandan safari offers an authentic, unforgettable journey through Africa’s heartland.

Please note: This itinerary is flexible and can be changed without notice. A detailed, up-to-date dossier itinerary is available to download. Be aware, this particular itinerary can be changed without notice in order to accommodate the best possible viewing of the Mountain Gorillas. The Permit price to visit the Gorillas can also change without notice.

Day 1 – Masindi – Murchison Falls National Park 

Also referred to as the Kabaraga Falls, Murchison Falls is a waterfall found on the course of the great Nile and is located within the Murchison National Park. The park is recognized as one of the best National Parks in Uganda. After settling into our accommodation in Masindi, your guide will brief you on the activities for the following day.  

Day 2 – Masindi – Budongo Central Forest Reserve 

Budongo Forest is the biggest Mahogany forest found in the whole of East Africa and is home to the largest number of chimpanzees throughout Uganda. It is believed that there are between 600 – 700 chimpanzees in Budongo and this morning we will meet up with our chimp guide who will take us on our trek through the forest in search of the chimps.  We will also enjoy a boat cruise in the park. Note: As the Chimp trekking is limited  

to 12 guests per trek, should there be more than 12 guests on a tour the trekking will be split between the morning and the afternoon. Therefore you may find that you will first do the game drive activity followed by the Chimp trekking or vice versa. Please allow for flexibility. 

Day 3 – Lake Kikorongo 

This morning we depart Masindi and transfer towards the edges of the Queen Elizabeth National Park.  Our accommodation for the night is nestled atop a hill overlooking Lake Kikorongo.   

Day 4 – Gorillas (Lake Bunyonyi) 

Crossing the Equator once more we travel south to the beautiful scenery of Lake Bunyonyi. With eager anticipation we prepare for the upcoming Gorilla trekking excursion and tonight we will receive a briefing on what to expect.  

Day 5 – Gorillas (Lake Bunyonyi) 

The mountain gorilla is extremely endangered and while exact numbers vary it is widely assumed that there are only around 650 left. Visiting the gorillas is a great way to support their future on earth as the money spent on permits is used for their protection. An extremely important part of the future conservation of the remaining gorillas rests in the community development work – as local communities change their attitudes towards wildlife and start to protect rather than poach, the future of the mountain gorilla is assured. 

As permits granting permission to visit the gorillas are extremely limited we require flexibility in both the tour itinerary and where we actually visit them. The home of the mountain gorillas is completely at odds with man-made borders and so their range encompasses Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo). Whenever possible we choose to make use of the National Park in Uganda, but this depends on the availability of permits. Should we not obtain permits to visit the mountain gorillas in Uganda then we will inform all passengers beforehand that the tour will travel to Rwanda or DRC. 

On your free day in Bunyonyi you will have the opportunity to participate in certain optional activities. You can also go hiking or explore the area on a mountain bike. 

Day 6 – Gorillas (Lake Bunyonyi) 

Although there are 2 days allocated to Gorilla Trekking you will only spend one day on the trek. The other days are there to provide a large enough window in which to obtain permits and to allow the entire group to trek if there are more than 6 of you on the tour.   

Day 7 – Lake Mburo 

We depart the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi for another of Uganda’s beautiful water bodies – Lake Mburo. Lake Mburo is situated in the Ankole sub-region of Uganda, near the town of Mbarara, and spans an area of approximately 260 square kilometers and is surrounded by rolling hills, open grasslands, and patches of woodland. With over 350 recorded bird species, Lake Mburo National Park is a paradise for birdwatchers. The park’s diverse ecosystems, which include acacia woodlands, savannahs, and wetlands, provide optimal habitats for numerous bird species, including the rare and odd looking shoebill stork. 

Day 8 – Kampala 

This morning we set off on our return journey to Kampala and make a crossing of the Equator along our way.   Your tour comes to an end upon arrival in the city.

  •   Crew2 Crew
  •   Max Passengers 20 Passengers Max
  •   Vehicle 20 Seater Vehicle
  •   Duration8 Days and 7 Nights
  •   From / ToKampala to Kampala
  •   Meals8 Breakfast 8 Lunch 6 Dinner
  •   Countries Uganda


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  • On Request
  • Camping
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  • Small Group
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