Into the Bowl of The Crater - Ngorongoro Crater

    By Ashlee Peterson | September 2, 2019

    Rising in the darkness and stumbling into a 4×4 safari vehicle, blurry eyed and desperately in need of coffee, it takes the 20 minute drive to the gate of the Ngorongoro Conservancy. As that gate appears, and the baboons in the parking lot greet you with mischief and madness, the anticipation starts to build. The World Heritage and incredibly famous Ngorongoro Crater is THE safari stuff of dreams! A 600m deep and 20km across extinct … Read More »

    Treated to Tarangire

    By Ashlee Peterson | September 2, 2019

    Located just a couple of hours drive away from Arusha, Tarangire National Park’s 2850m2 wonderland is yet another often-overlooked Tanzanian Park. The landscape is one of open savannahs and classic African Acacia trees, with tall palm trees popping up along the banks of the winding Tarangire river. What is a wonderful sight, are the many vultures that have made their homes in the palm trees, a strange mix of tropical beach mixed with classic African … Read More »

    The Tree Lions and Feathery Fantasia of Lake Manyara

    By Ashlee Peterson | September 2, 2019

    Lake Manyara is a small National Park on the way to the famous Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti, and as such is often overlooked. It shouldn’t be! The park is a stunning combination of densely wooded areas that open up into wide open plains running along the banks of the lake. Within the forested areas are elephants hiding in plain sight and large troops of baboons that often bring travel to a stop as they take … Read More »

    The Peaks of Tanzania - Usambara, Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru

    By Ashlee Peterson | September 2, 2019

    Leaving the sun drenched white beaches of Zanzibar behind us we continue our journey north west towards the safari lands of the Serengeti. Between us and these iconic National Parks lie some of the continent’s most renowned mountain peaks. The Usambara mountain range is a little known lush corner in the north east of Tanzania. Only minutes after turning off the main road one finds themselves climbing rapidly through a series of thick green forests, … Read More »

    Zanzibar Dreams

    By Ashlee Peterson | September 2, 2019

    One of the best known tropical islands in the world, Zanzibar is an island with many faces. Steeped in history, surrounded by sparkling turquoise blue waters and snow white beaches fringed with palm trees dripping with harvests. The interior is a fertile land, best known for spices and fresh ripe fruits. But there is also a lot of life on the island. It’s National Park, Jozani, is home to a thriving population of red colobus … Read More »

    The Magic of Mikumi - Days 9 & 10

    By Ashlee Peterson | August 27, 2019

    Driving from Malawi into the heart of Tanzania is a journey. Crossing the border one first must now cross the escarpment of the Southern Highlands, before making your way north on the great Northern Highway (a rather grand name for a single lane pot-holed tar road) The drive is well worth it as you head up into THE land of the safari. Tanzania is home to some of the most spectacular and renowned wildlife parks … Read More »

    Lake Malawi’s Maji Zuwa Project

    By Ashlee Peterson | August 19, 2019

    After our two days of “Scottish Highland like” experience in the upper reaches of Nyika Plateau, it was with a sense of saddness that we traversed the bumpy road back ‘down to earth’. Mixed in with that sadness was the excitement or returning to the warmer climates and beachside vibe of the Lake. Our next destination, Maji Zuwa, is located on the northern shores of Lake Malawi, and is one that can only be described … Read More »

    Original Nomad - Nyika Plateau, Malawi

    By Fern Perry | June 17, 2019

    Travelling up the northern shores of Lake Malawi keeps one on relatively main roads, well travelled by those traversing the country. Yet as soon as you leave these well-developed routes one finds themselves in the midst of all that rural Africa has to offer. Children start running along the side of your vehicle, waving and singing, finding petrol stations and working ATM machines becomes a challenge and the road conditions change dramatically. Tar is a … Read More »

    Original Nomad - Adventures on Lake Malawi

    By Fern Perry | June 15, 2019

    Travelling from Lilongwe to Lake Malawi takes one through a multitude of small Malawian villages, where people congregate along the roadside, selling charcoal, peanuts and a variety of fresh produce. Bricks are made by hand and water is carried upon the heads of ladies dressed in vibrant colours and vivid patterns. The roads are mostly tarred but come with the classic ‘African massage’ experience as one navigates potholes.  The classic Malawian sight, of over-loaded bicycles … Read More »

    The Original Nomad Hits The Road

    By Fern Perry | June 12, 2019

    The day to day world of Nomad is one of multiple layers of cogs and wheels, all turning at different speeds and with different levels of importance, controlled by a dedicated team with a world of experience. Each one is a necessity, and one that must be monitored and controlled. What started as a young enterprise in 1997 has become a much greater entity, made up of these constantly rotating cogs. Each department is overseen … Read More »