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Tours departing from

Cape Town

Embark on a journey from vibrant Cape Town, traverse the expansive landscapes of Namibia, explore the wildlife-abundant plains of Botswana, and conclude your adventure on the serene, white-sand beaches of Zanzibar.

  • Tour Duration
    36 Days
  • Price From
      Camping R99,850 NCVZ
      Accommodated R138,150 NACVZ

Journey from vast deserts to lush tropical wilderness, pristine beaches to intriguing local tribes, immersing in vibrant cultures and diverse wildlife. This tour promises to significantly trim your bucket list with its array of captivating experiences!

  • Tour Duration
    42 Days
  • Price From
      Camping R119,150 NCN
      Accommodated R163,450 NACN

Blending our quintessential and crowd-favorite tours with an ultimate South African journey, this 42-day odyssey offers a tapestry of national parks, rich wildlife, diverse landscapes, and vibrant cultures, spread across six mesmerizing countries.

  • Tour Duration
    41 Days
  • Price From
      Camping R105,200 NCC
      Accommodated R145,400 NACC

From Cape Town's vibrant pulse, to the vast Fish River Canyon, across the sandy expanse of Namib Desert, to the wildlife haven of Etosha, the serene Okavango, the peaceful Chobe River, the magnificent Victoria Falls, the royal Eswatini, the tropical Vilanculos, and the teeming Kruger - this tour encompasses an unparalleled array of captivating encounters.

  • Tour Duration
    37 Days
  • Price From
      Camping R97,550 NCVM
      Accommodated R134,600 NACVM

By melding two of our top-rated tours, the Cape Town to Victoria Falls journey and the Kruger Park safari, we present an adventure beyond imagination. Revel in an abundant display of wildlife and awe-inspiring landscapes that leave an indelible imprint.

  • Tour Duration
    26 Days
  • Price From
      Camping R74,700 NCVJ
      Accommodated R106,850 NACVJ

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