For more than two thousand years, lateen rigged dhows have been sailing the Indian Ocean, linking economies and peoples, and creating a cosmopolitan maritime Indian Ocean culture. For centuries, Arab shipwrights crafted boats using sewn construction - literally sewing the planks together with coconut fibre cord - but this craft has more or less died out, being superseded by nailed construction. Sailaway offers safaris on hand crafted dhows, designed to ensure both your comfort and… … > View More

    The capital and largest city of Kenya, Nairobi, is where the hustle and bustle of human feet rather than animal is most prominent. Its business high rise clad streets are a vast contrast to the open plains that one would picture at the mention of Kenya. Nairobi draws its name from the Maasai phrase for cold water, “Ehkane Nairobi” which also happens to be the name of the Nairobi River. Being the most populous city… … > View More

    Maun, the fifth largest town in Botswana, is known as the tourism capital and the gateway to the Okavango Delta. It is an eclectic contrast of modern buildings and traditional huts. Now home to over 30 000people, the town was founded in 1915 as the tribal capital of the Batawana people. It originally serviced the local cattle ranching and hunting operations of the area, and had a reputation as a hard-living 'Wild West' town. With… … > View More

    Nomad Tours will take you on the adventure of a lifetime to the equatorial line in Kenya and Uganda. Here, you’ll be able to experience the warmth of an annual warm temperature and feel the exhilaration that comes with knowing you’re standing in the middle of the world. By embarking on our Masai Mara & Gorillas tour, you’ll have the opportunity to stand on the equator line (and pose for a photo) in Uganda. The… … > View More

    The historical colonial city of Livingstone is also known as Maramba and is the present capital of the Southern Province of Zambia. It’s also a tourism centre for the popular Victoria Falls which is 10 kilometres north of the Zambezi River and a border town with a much needed road and rail connections toZimbabwe which is on the other side of the Falls. Victoria Falls is one of most popular destinations on the African continent and this makes the… … > View More

    The Zulu nation forms an integral part of the South African history and is probably one the most well-known elements of the country’s rich history due in large part to popular culture. Zulu refers to both an ethnic group and a language. The Zulu tribe was infamous all over Southern Africa for their disciplined living arrangement and unique fighting style, which they used to take over large parts of South Africa and scattered many other tribes around… … > View More

    Tours to Lilongwe are becoming increasingly popular as Malawi’s reputation for being an alluring tourism hot spot grows. The bustling metropolis became the country’s capital in 1975 and is divided between the Old Town and new city, which both have very different characteristics and attractions. While the Old Town exudes tradition and culture, harkening back to a more old-fashioned way of life, the city boasts modernised buildings and a wealth of amenities. Both areas are… … > View More

    What the smallest country in the southern hemisphere lacks in size, it more than makes up for in cultural heritage. More than 70% of Swaziland’s population is of ethnic roots, which means that all the traditions and beliefs are upheld throughout the year and are evident in daily life through dress and other activities. One of the main traditions amongst the Swazi people is dance. There are two main kinds of dances, each done by… … > View More

    The Swazi Nation is one with a rich cultural history and fascinating past. The kingdom of Swaziland extends for approximately 200 kilometres, bordered by South Africa and Mozambique and is known for its temperate climate and mountainous terrain. From the towering, enigmatic Lebombo Mountains, to the typified lowveld secreting a vast array of animals and birds, this is a place of tremendous beauty, diversity and contrast. Tours to the Swazi Nation are extremely popular, due… … > View More

    The quaint town and commune of Sahambavy is situated in Madagascar, in the popular district of Fianarantsoa II, which comprises part of the Haute Matsiatra region. The commune hosts a small population of not more than 17,000 people, most of who live off the land. The commune’s residents are generally farmers, with the predominant crops being rice, cassava and potatoes. The humid, tropical environment ensures that the plants thrive and the area also boasts an… … > View More

    Madagascar is a beautiful island country filled with diversity and sprawling landscapes. Previously known as the Malagasy Republic, the area is still home to the Malagasy as well as the Bara Tribe, amongst many others. Known as “those who make Taboos”, the Malagasy tribe’s belief system is deeply rooted in taboos and spirits and almost every part of Madagascan culture have held some sort of taboo or belief ever since their arrival on the island… … > View More

    Arabic for “harbour of peace”, Dar es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania and also its richest. Dar es Salaam is situated close to the equator and the warm Indian Ocean – giving it a tropical climate with hot and humid weather throughout much of the year. Dar es Salaam has two different rain seasons; during April and May the rain is known as “the long rains” and “the short rains” during October and… … > View More

    Lusaka has seen a bout of incredible development in the past few decades which has resulted in it becoming the capital and largest city in Zambia. Being one the fastest developing cities in the Southern part of Africa means that it is also the centre of commerce and government which means it is a hub of commercial activity. There are plenty of shopping malls in the area as well as upmarket clubs and restaurants. However,… … > View More

    Mozambique makes for the ideal island getaway boasting azure waters and pine tree lined streets. However, its capital and largest city, Maputo is the real lifeblood of the country. This is where the residents live apart from the sun-seeking, pina-colada-drinking tourists. That being said it offers a number of cultural and entertainment offerings for tourists - no visit to Mozambique’s relaxing shores would be complete without a visit to this bustling city. Also known as… … > View More

    We offer Cape Town adventure travel on 8 of our tours some of which start in Cape Town and some which end there, then some which include it as part of a loop. Whichever adventure tour you choose ensure that Cape Town is on your itinerary. It is ideal as a start or end location due to the fact that it is on the southern tip of the continent, which means that the entire African… … > View More

    Namibia is one of Africa’s most beautiful regions – the desert landscape is a photographer’s dream; known for its sweeping, red-gold dunes, sparse vegetation and abundant wildlife. Windhoek is one of the country’s busiest cities – known for its alluring diversity and cosmopolitan feel, the metropolis attracts myriad visitors each year. Windhoek offers a captivating blend of African and European influences – the country gained independence in 1990 and exudes its own unique character and… … > View More

    The Bushmen of Southern Africa are the oldest indigenous inhabitants of Southern Africa and have lived off the land in symbiosis for hundreds of years. They have much to offer our modern way of living in terms of a sustainable existence with nature. Bushmen tours give you the opportunity to interact with this fascinating culture and get a true understanding of how they have survived in the harsh environment through an understanding of nature. The… … > View More

    The city of Johannesburg is the business hub of South Africa. Everything here is faster than anywhere else in Africa, something this city has prided itself on ever since the gold rush – being home of the world’s richest gold fields back in the day. This get-a-head attitude has made it an economic powerhouse and the wealthiest city boasting on African soil. The streets of Johannesburg boast a rich historical background while its suburbs are… … > View More

    A city in the charming country of Madagascar, Tolaria, also known as Tulear, is probably known best for the white luminosity of the sky. Considered fairly modern when compared with other cities, Tolaria was established in 1895. There was no way for the French architect who gave life to the town to know that the city would now be home to 60,000 people. Besides its strangely captivating sky, Tolaria is notable for the trees throughout… … > View More

    The Masai Mara Reserve can be found in south-western Kenya and is a continuation of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, over the border. It was named after the people who have made their homes in the area for centuries, the Masai, and is one of Kenya’s most popular tourist destinations. Although tours to the Masai Mara cannot pass into the Serengeti in Tanzania, the animals can freely pass between the countries. The park is… … > View More