With the yearning to get out there and to start travelling and exploring again, we have received a number of enquiries as to what our on tour efforts will be to help our clients be safe. As we all know, social distancing is at the heart of combating this disease. And no-one has this better covered than Africa! Whether you are camping or in accommodation, the places we use have space aplenty, and you will be able to enjoy these amazing places and destinations without the fear of overcrowding and needless contact with strangers. Namibia for instance, is around 3.4 times the size of the UK, with a population of 2 million people. So if it is social distancing you want, we have got you covered.

We each have a personal responsibility to stay safe, and look after ourselves. It is our request that each of our guests adheres to and respects the measures which we will be putting in place. We have set up a Covid-19 protocols document and in this, we outline the dos and don’ts and the measures we have put in place. All of our guides will receive rigorous training on these protocols, and have strict systems in place to manage them. We will be doing regular screenings with our guides before and after tours to ensure their and your safety.

A few of the physical measures include regular sanitizing of the vehicles while on tour, luggage sanitation, hand sanitising stations on each truck and strict guidelines and measures to ensures that all our accommodation providers comply with the rules and regulations as set out by their respective governments. We use sanitising agents with a 75% alcohol content, which is higher than the prescribed amount. We will follow all the guidelines as set out by the South African Government and the various bodies, as well as those of the countries in which we travel. As these change, we will adapt and change our measures and approach.

Currently, the wearing of a face mask is a requirement, and in order to facilitate this, we will ensure the availability of washable and re-usable masks at our main departure points. We will not make use of, and strongly discourage the use of disposable masks. With the implementation of our water purification systems in our fight against plastic, we are not going to open the door to disposable face masks, the “plastic water bottle” of the Covid pandemic. We will also be temperature checking if and when required, and a record of this will be kept with our tour documentation. Some of these measures might seem tedious while you are on tour, and itching to be off to your next destination, but we ask that you bear with us and your crew, as we are doing this for all our sakes.

Rest assured, that with your help, we will do our utmost to not only give you a memorable holiday experience while travelling with us, but a safe one as well. See you on the road.

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