The legends and historical accounts of the search for the source of the Nile span hundreds of years. This life giving river, that runs many thousands of miles and through multiple countries holds myths and stories ranging through history, from Egyptian times, Biblical times and into more “modern day” periods. The search for its source was one that was both difficult and fiercely contended, until finally, it was found that the source was from the mighty Lake Victoria.

Today, a wealth of beautiful lodges and camps have sprung up around this legendary location, and visitors can enjoy the raging waters of the Nile as it begins its journey from the lake, northwards, to its eventual end at the Atlantic Ocean in Egypt.

The town of Jinja and the area surrounding the Kalagala Falls are amongst the most picturesque of these, with the wide powerful river raging through, in a series of rapids and falls. Adventure sports such as white water rafting, bungee and kayaking have become noteworthy here, and for good reason. The rafting is “adrenaline-tastic” and enormously fun, the scenery jaw dropping and the sheer power of the river quite something to behold.

In addition to mind blowing sunsets, panoramic river views and rich lush jungle banks, the rivers also plays host to some outstanding accommodation venues.

One such venue is the ‘Wildwaters Lodge’. Set on a large granite island, right in the centre of the river, just upstream from the Kalagala Falls.
Accessible only by boat, this remarkable island is truly breath-taking. The restaurant and bar, with accompanying decks, are surrounded by violent white water, the volume so loud that one has to shout to be heard even when stood right next to their partner.

Each beautifully appointed room has a private deck, jutting out over the water, with outdoor bathtub, and boasting unbelievable views. Giant kingfishers use the deck balustrades as vantage points while fishing, and graceful monitor lizards sun themselves on rocks right next to you.

Walkways perched on stilts join all the rooms to the main hub, surrounded by dense green forests, filled with colobus and red tailed monkeys.
Offering very reasonable rates, this lodge was an absolute highlight for us, and the island a location that we were sorely sad to leave.

Jinja itself offers a myriad of accommodations, all located on the river’s edge and boasting some of the best sunsets around.

The wide Nile river, lined with lush green jungle, filled with monkeys and birds, is an inviting swimming location, as well as the adrenaline water sports of offer.

One can easily find a venue that suits their budget and style and enjoy a wonderful afternoon on the Nile.

Surrounded by such powerful and big water, it is no wonder that this river feeds so much life on the African continent.

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