After long periods in National Parks, moving each day to a new site, and keeping busy with game drives, boat cruises and hikes, it is with some relief that one arrives at the shores of Lake Bunyoni. A peaceful lake, dotted with 29 islands. Bilharzia, hippo and croc free, the lake provides the opportunity to sink into refreshingly cool waters, beer in hand, and panoramic views to absorb.

The lake is a gateway for gorilla trekking in the area, and as such becomes a crossover for travellers from near and far. Multiple tour companies and private individuals mingle in the well laid out bar.  Whilst not noisy or boisterous, the ability to meet and talk to new people is enjoyed by all. Instant friendships are born, invitations to join tables, sunset cruises and dinners abound, and for a short time, one feels like they are back in the ‘real world’.

For those wanting a little more action, several hikes are on offer, leading one up to viewpoints that span the vast lake and all of its islands. Cultural and village experiences offer an insight into local customs and traditions, and island-hopping boat trips take one out to secluded island beaches and forests.

For our part, we had something much more exciting in store! Having finally arrived in a location where we will be based for a few days, whilst experiencing gorilla trekking and other activities available, there was only one thing on our minds.

LAUNDRY! With a level of glee that should never be associated with such a mundane household chore, our overflowing laundry bags were handed in to the willing laundry staff. Everything from clothes, to towels, to bed sheets and cushion covers were hauled into that laundry office, the mere thought of its return sparking excitement and relief. It is an aspect of long haul travel that can only be understood by those who venture off for these long periods of time. We were excited enough to consider taking photos to add to our National Geographic style albums. With laundry well in hand, a pleasant and social evening experienced, and a good peaceful sleep under our belts, we are ready to once again delve into the unknown.

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