The day to day world of Nomad is one of multiple layers of cogs and wheels, all turning at different speeds and with different levels of importance, controlled by a dedicated team with a world of experience. Each one is a necessity, and one that must be monitored and controlled. What started as a young enterprise in 1997 has become a much greater entity, made up of these constantly rotating cogs. Each department is overseen and controlled by a dedicated manager and team. Each of these managers reports up to a strong and dynamic Head, whom in turn reports to the company owner. Still in day to day control of Nomad, Alex’s role is now one of “big picture”. Driving the company in terms of future as well as current. Nomad is a child, one that has been grown and nurtured over the years and one that he and his team are proud to call their own.
Each tour that is run is a product of local knowledge, experience and a talent for introducing people to the wonders of the African continent. This knowledge does not just arrive on our desks. We search for it, we meet people on the ground, we travel the routes and we put our name to each and every part of the Nomad tours. This requires time and dedication, and many kilometers. One such trip begins today. The ‘Original Nomad’ himself has hit the road to travel the routes, review the activities, and find new and exciting experiences for our Nomad clients. In addition, we are always looking for the next chapter, the next evolution of a company that has stood the test of time and is proud to still provide an amazing and value for money experience to people from around the globe. Watch this space as we travel 8000km and immerse ourselves in the true meaning of “Nomad”.

Today our adventure began. A two hour flight from Johannesburg and we landed into true Africa. Lilongwe, the capitol city of Malawi. Traffic rules? Out the window! Potholes? Plenty.
People everywhere, plying their trades along the road side; from garden plants, to charcoal, to fruit and veg, and the odd open air “butchery”. Bicycles taking on loaded trucks in traffic jams in and out of the city. Smiling faces and cheerful waves as Jalopy (our trusted Nomad motorhome truck) goes past.

After a quick stop to load up on fresh produce we arrived at Barefoot Safari Lodge. Recently bought by two South Africans the place is being developed with enthusiasm and care. Whilst Lilongwe may not be a highlight location, it is a main port of call for those traveling between the southern destinations and those lying further north. A warm welcome with helpful and friendly staff, powered campsites or well equipped and clean rooms are a welcome addition to the city. Barefoot has green lush gardens, a restaurant run with care (try the Indian food – it’s amazing), and a peaceful vibe. It was here that we were able to organize our lives, pack everything into its rightful place and feel like we were ready for the journey to come.
Tomorrow we head towards the world heritage site of Lake Malawi and all of the wonders that is contains.

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