There was much consternation in the Operations office on Tuesday when they heard a desperate meowing coming from a wood pile in the neighbours property.

Having the most loving team of animal rescuers on hand, it was not long before a tiny four day old kitten was collected, nourished with a small feed and cared for until our new baby “Nomad” could be taken off to the Helderberg Animal Welfare to receive the care only a Mother cat can give a new born kitten.

When Shannon arrived to drop off “Nomad”, it was apparent that they were inundated with cats and kittens. A Mother cat had her own two kittens on Tuesday morning and happily adopted little “Nomad” into the family fold. Shannon then asked Eugenie (the cat handler) at Helderberg Animal Welfare what they were in desperate need of as they would now be looking after little “Nomad” until he/she is old and strong enough to go to a new home.

Without hesitation she said “Sponsor sterilizations for the cats please!”

Shannon (Nomad African Trust) went straight back to Henk (General Manager) to ask if we could potentially sponsor a cat spay and Henk’s reaction was “Only one? Don’t they need more?”.

Needless to say, Nomad African Trust have now donated to Animal Welfare, 5 cat spays!

It is such a pleasure to work in a company where everyone just cares so much!

As soon as little “Nomad” is fit, fat and flourishing and has been given a clean bill of health from the AWS vet (please hold thumbs, fingers and toes), Vashti (our Groups Manager) has offered to adopt the little fighter and give it a chance at a totally awesome, spoilt rotten, loved to pieces kind of life that this little cutie deserves! Thanks Vashti, you are an angel!

Well done to Shannon and the Nomad Trust Team for always taking the opportunity to get involved with assisting the local community in the Helderberg!

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