The annual Great Sardine Run is a natural phenomenon which usually occurs during the months of June and July, when massive schools of sardines migrate from the colder waters around the Cape to the warmer waters of Kwazulu-Natal to give birth to their offspring.

The 2021 Sardine Run along the southern coast of South Africa, has come and gone.  Although a shorter run than usual, our colleagues African Dive Adventures report that there was certainly no shortage of magical moments during this seasons’ spectacle.   This year, the run along Coffee Bay started at the end of June and wrapped up by mid-July – allowing for a spectacular 3 weeks of diving. During this years’ hype of activity, guests were treated to some amazing sightings including common dolphins, seal, Bronze Whalers, Humpback whales, copper sharks, Bryde’s Whales and the list goes on.  And even a black tip shark, to name but a few. 

“Monday and Tuesday were both good days with some nice action. A good size bait ball with action early on Monday morning but it did not last long. After that a few small scattered bait balls with the commons trying to work their magic. Hammerheads as well as Tuna also on the hunt. Humpback Whale action great with some breaching. Tuesday had great visibility with lots of scattered pockets of Sardines around. Common as well as Bottle Nosed Dolphins. Humpback Whakes as well as a Bryde’s Whale. Mega pot of Commons on the hunt swimming around and through bait balls not really interested in working them. A Giant Manta was also spotted. “
As reported by the team at African Dive Adventures.
African Dive Adventures

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Sardine Run Per Person SharingYear 2022Year 2023
Tour Price DiverR60,000.00R66,000.00
Tour Price Non-DiverR60,000.00R66,000.00

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