We have about 3 weeks to go before our adventure kicks off in Mozambique, but if you tell me to grab my passport and head to the airport today, my response would be “give me 42 minutes to get home to grab my bags”. Strange as that sounds, my bags are packed and I am ready. I have often stopped and asked myself if I am just really prepared or if I am slightly paranoid. Packing my bags five weeks before we go seems rather excessive. As I always say “rather have everything and not need it, than need something and not have it”.

So, following on our “Expect the Unexpected” Namibian adventure, myself and the adventurous troopers (my friends) decided that Mozambique was the destination of choice for our next holiday. This plan was born back in February and ever since our tour was confirmed, I have been packing my bags. Although it was not until a week ago that I realised I needed a new bag, taking the measurements of the lockers into account (37,5 cm high, 32 cm wide, 80 cm deep), I bought a new bag – although thinking about it now, it was more the thought of adding to my pile of purchases than actually needing the bag.

Currently the new bag, is sitting in my new backpack which has been placed in the “dry goods box” at home. There are 3 boxes, dry goods, toiletries and medical supplies. Oh, did I mention that I bought a new backpack (I couldn’t resist, it was on sale).

Now, let me explain the contents of the 3 boxes;

“Dry Goods”: This box is the box which will lead to the eventual overweight status of my bags as it contains:
1 x Bright orange Frisbee (although all trucks are pre-stocked with sporting equipment such as Frisbees, soccer ball, and / or rugby ball), 1 x large wooden bat & ball set (with 2 rubber balls) for the beach, 1 x medium bat & ball set (with 1 rubber ball) for the beach, 2 x disposable rain ponchos (if not needed for rain, MacGyver would have found a handy use for it, so it’s packed in), 1 x pack playing cards, 1 x wind / rain jacket (although this fits under clothes, which is a whole new chapter on it’s own), 1 x headlamp, 1 x digital camera, 1 xGoPro camera (with 4 different attachments and adhesive mounts), 1 x quick dry towel

“Toiletries”: 5 x rolls of 48hour protection deodorant, 1 x large shampoo, 1 x large conditioner, 1 x plastic squirt bottle (for something, again, MacGyver would find a use for it), 1 x small plastic bottle (MacGyver…), 1 x packet various sizes Ziploc bags, 2 x bottles shower gel, 2 x bars soap (in case the shower gel pops open and leaks out.. Ziploc bags Anneliese, you have them, don’t forget to use them), 2 x tubes toothpaste, 1 x washing cloth, 1 x washing sponge, 2 x boxes washing powder, 1 x packet clothes pegs, 1 x packet black straws (I can see myself sitting on the beach with a huge cooler box punch.. straws are a must??), 1 x large packet wet wipes, 1 x small packet handbag size wet wipes, 2 x mini bottles hand sanitizer, 1 x tube dehydrated disposable wet wipes, 1 x factor 15 sun block, 1 x factor 20 sun block, 1 x sample size factor 30 and 1 x sample size after sun cream, 1 x small handbag box size tissues, 1 x bulk pack tissues.

“Medical supplies”: I will admit, going to the pharmacy and putting this all through my medical aid felt weird, maybe it was the random looks from the pharmacist, but after I explained it was for a holiday to Mozambique and that “I would rather have everything and not need it than not have it and need it”, she happily supplied me with the following: 1 x packet Valoid (meant for nausea), 1 x pack immodium (for the squirts), 1 x probiotic (apparently for cramps associated with the squirts), 3 x Re-hydrate sachets, 1 x bottle pain pills (famously know as the yellow pills), 1 x bottle of something else I would apparently need. I topped it all up with 3 x variants plasters (waterproof, general & one specifically for blisters on feet in those awkward spots from walking too much – which reminds me, muscle relaxant), 1 x packet safety pins and of course the trusted malaria tables, 1 x spray bottle mosquito repellent, 1 x bottle lotion mosquito repellent, 4 x citronella wristbands (insect repellent).

So, with 3 weekends left to go, how much more will I be able to find, knowing myself I will still find more items that I have to have. Next priority is to start sorting out my clothes, so far I have packed the new dress, 2 x sun huts, 2 x new pairs shorts, 1 x pair new flip flops, 3 x new t-shirts…

As a “seasoned” traveller, I should know better – I am taking too much stuff, I know deep down that I won’t use 60% of what I have packed, call me prepared or paranoid, my adventure already started months ago.

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