When your work is no longer a job....

    By Anneliese | May 20, 2015

    The Best Experience in the Okavango Delta Sometimes life gets the better of us and all we seem to do is wake up, go to work, eat, sleep and repeat, day after day.  We never stop to take a moment to realize the patterns we are creating for ourselves, it all just becomes part of the routine and the norm of how things must happen.   This is of course, until you are given the opportunity… … Read More »

    Africa’s Best Kept Secret

    By 18600845351 | April 15, 2015

    Shhhh…The Secret Season is here!! Take advantage of our special discounts and avoid the high season stampede. This is your opportunity to witness nature at its most pristine and uninterrupted, there's no need to share your piece of paradise with the high season crowd. No matter where you choose to travel in Southern or East Africa this time of year, you'll find that there is a slight lull before the storm. Everyone has settled down… … Read More »

    Travelling to Africa? An Overview of when to go where!

    By Jessica | November 3, 2014

    No matter when you travel with Nomad to Southern or East Africa, you can be guaranteed that there will be countless new places and faces to discover. You will be amazed and blown away by the beauty of the landscapes, the generosity of the people and the unpredictability of the wild animals. But, as you put your travel calendar together for 2015, you may like a little guidance regarding when to go where and the… … Read More »

    Nomad's exciting new Okavango Delta Experience

    By Jessica | October 31, 2014

      With your incredible loyalty and continued travels with Nomad, you have enabled us to bring you an adventure touring option in the Okavango Delta that will be completely unique and unlike anything you have ever experienced with us before. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOBugj24VJA[/embed]   We have entered into a partnership for a 100 000 hectare concession and three camps in the Northern reaches of the Okavango Delta. Unlike Maun and the areas that we currently use to… … Read More »

    2015 Tours, Rates and Dates

    By Jessica | October 15, 2014

    It's been in the pipeline for a while, but Nomad's 2015 Tours are now available for you to book online!   Please go directly to the "Tour Finder" to select your Ultimate African Experience for 2015! We have exciting new developments for you for 2015, and we have more to roll out over the next few weeks so keep your eye on Nomad for some of the most unique adventure touring options in Southern and… … Read More »

    Ebola Virus 2014

    By Jessica | October 15, 2014

    Our sincerest thoughts and sympathies go out to the families in the countries in West Africa, where the Ebola virus has claimed just over 4000 lives in the past six months.  We also send our well wishes and thanks to all of the health workers who tirelessly and bravely put in endless efforts to contain the Ebola Virus. To you, our travellers, we do understand that the media has been amplifying a bleak picture concerning… … Read More »

    Adventure Travellers and Local Communities Benefit Directly from Nomad’s Sustained Growth

    By Jessica | May 10, 2014

    Nomad Adventure Tours has had the privilege of enjoying an exponential growth curve over the past three years. Thanks to our loyal and supportive agents and travellers, we have been able to roll profits straight back into the company which has a direct impact on our travellers and our local communities. Our stylish new interactive e-commerce website ensures easy online access to tour availability, an agent portal and online bookings. The dynamic “Tour Finder” enables… … Read More »

    Nomad Tours in Cape Times - Escape - Mountain Gorillas

    By Sarah Duff | April 17, 2014

    We recently hosted a group of South Africa’s top travel bloggers and have been lucky enough to benefit from some of the articles that they have written and photos that they have shared to tell the world about their experiences on tour. Below is an article by Sarah Duff who has been lucky enough to trek with Mountain Gorillas in both Rwanda and Uganda. Enjoy the article about our Gorilla Encounters tour and if you’re… … Read More »

    Nomad's Gorilla Trekking Travel Bloggers take to the jungle!

    By Jessica | February 8, 2014

    Just one Tweet at E-Tourism Frontier's annual conference in Cape Town led to Nomad having the opportunity of having 6 epic travel bloggers on our Gorilla Encounters tour in 2013. If there was ever anything that you wanted to know about having a magical encounter with one of Africa’s last remaining mountain gorillas’s, now is your chance to find out! Tomorrow (9th February), eight travel bloggers will be heading out on Nomad’s Gorilla Encounter tour...… … Read More »

    From Prisoner to President - Nelson Mandela

    By Jessica | December 12, 2013

    A month ago, when I received the invite from Footsteps to Freedom, a walking tour company based at the Taj Hotel in the heart of the Mother City, to join them for a walk through Cape Town to learn about the life and times of Nelson Mandela, my interest was piqued as I felt that I wanted to know more about this incredible man and his struggle for freedom. Two days before the walk was… … Read More »