Trekking with Mountain Gorillas, my ultimate highlight!

    By Mariana Paulsen | August 7, 2011

    The moment had arrived, our small gorilla trekking group had not been able to sleep because of all of the excitement of what we were about to do! Trekking day had arrived and we were going into the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda to search for the Silverback Mountain Gorilla! We were all up extra early, the excitement that lay ahead of us as almost too much to handle! There was also a little 'uncertainty',… … Read More »

    Tosca's Kalaroo Sequel, The Lions Foot

    By Tosca Korver | August 2, 2011

    When i was growing up, we used to go to the Kruger National Park every weekend, seeing as we lived only 100km away. Sadly, we then moved away, which is why I ended up studying the completely useless degree of Drama, instead of becoming a game ranger. We should never have moved, but hey, who’s bitter? Kruger Park visits became a painful planning session, which were often not even executed. In the good old days,… … Read More »

    Chemone Summits Mount Kilimanjaro!

    By 18600845351 | July 27, 2011

    Kilimanjaro Trek – Machame Route – June/July 2012 My Cape Town to Johannesburg flight was smooth sailing all the way and was followed by a very noisy Ethiopian flight which connected at Addis Ababa. I flew this route mainly because the flights were cheaper. From Addis we made a quick transit flight to Mombasa to collect more guests on the way to Mount Kilimanjaro. On arrival in Mombasa and after about a 4 hour wait… … Read More »

    Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Machame Route

    By Claire Muzzelle | June 6, 2011

    2 June 2011 – Arrival in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – East Africa Like a twinkling night sky the lights of Dar es Salaam welcomed our arrival as we flew low over the city and down into Julius Nyerere Airport. A mere 3 hour flight away from a freezing Johannesburg we were met by a humid heat wave as we disembarked our BA flight. Large praying mantis’s buzzed around our heads, greeting us as we… … Read More »

    Farewell to Puku, the best office dog ever

    By Loren Rutherford | March 20, 2011

    n 1997 I came to South Africa from New Zealand. I had been living in Scotland for a few years and had met a lot of these 'Saffa' people in the UK and it seemed like a good idea, so in August of that year I landed in Cape Town and wow, what a beautiful city! Of course it was different then, in fact I think the whole skyline has changed between then and now!… … Read More »

    My Kenya and Uganda Adventure

    By Reshma Deva | November 12, 2010

    I personally believe over landing is a great way of traveling through deep Africa as you get to see the best and worst of countries that you travel through. My African Adventure begins to explore the land of Kenya and Uganda with a well established South African owned over landing tour operator, Nomad Adventure Tours. Excitement builds up for me as I start preparing what to pack…what not to pack… thoughts that spring to my… … Read More »

    Cape Town to Victoria Falls Tour With Chemone

    By 18600845351 | November 10, 2010

    Leaving behind the beautiful scenic views of Table Mountain in the distance and heading for the mountains, our big journey begins! The Cederberg Mountains and nature walk are amazing and a good way to start of this adventure tour, sitting around a big camp fire getting to know everyone and setting the picture for the next 20 days to come. Namibia Canoeing on the Orange River; admiring the beautiful sunset over the Fish River Canyon,… … Read More »

    Mozambique in comfort with Nomad's Chemone Carpenter

    By 18600845351 | August 29, 2010

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="630"] Overlooking the beach at Tofo from Bamboozi Bungalow[/caption] It was a long first day of driving until we reached the Royal Swaziland National Park, when we arrived the sun was setting and we all huddled happily around a massive camp fire for our first dinner and meeting and greeting! Swaziland is so majestic, so rustic and so beautiful! We did a few games drives and also a short walk. The waterhole… … Read More »

    Nomad's Chris du Preez tours Mozambique!

    By Chris | July 19, 2010

    Day 1: 05 July 2010 Had an early morning wake up to drive from Pretoria to the Lakes Hotel where Nomad's Johannesburg departures start from. It was nice to see my parents again the night before, as I hardly see them now that I am based in Cape Town. I waited for a few minutes for the Nomad Overland trucks to arrive. This morning there was a double departure, one truck doing a 4 day… … Read More »

    The Otter Trail, a truly unique and magnificent hiking experience

    By Claire Muzzelle | May 12, 2010

    Day 1 We set off, no expectations in mind but heads filled with many a past tale of the famous Otter Trail, one of South Africa’s gems – A 5 day hike along the Wild Coast from Storms River to Nature’s Valley. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="700"] The intrepid team, about to set off on the mighty Otter Trail![/caption] Our kind hosts and old friend’s of Mike in Nature’s Valley dropped us just over the Western… … Read More »