A Nomad Journey……

Being part of the Nomad Team,

Means testing your skills for every extreme

Work hard, play hard is a motto to remember,

Operating 7 days a week Jan to December.

With a variety of personalities in our team

We make the perfect combo and work at full steam.

With years of experience between us all,

We can assist any enquiry – just give us a call

Friendly consultants to assist and explain,

Whatever your question, customer service is our game.

Planning and creating unique tours is our strength,

Making our guests holidays, perfect at any length

From budget to 5 Star – we do it all,

Camping or accommodated, group sizes large and small

Designing your own route could be so much fun,

Deciding yourself what pace your tour should run.

Manufacturing quality trucks is key,

When you strive to have things perfect to the T

No room for error is a goal we chase,

Working in Africa, means staring challenges in the face

Our guides are trained to be experts in what they do

Cooking, driving, guiding and interacting too.

We welcome on tour, both young and old,

A challenge to everyone, come and explore our world

Supporting our neighbours and communities in need

Is what our Nomad Trust promotes by planting their seed

Our Green Seats is our way of giving back,

In areas where we feel so many lack.

Please do your part and Green Seat with us

Then we’ll leave you alone and stop making a fuss

Market leaders with a reliable product you can trust,

We travel South to East Africa through rocky terrain and dust

From Cape Town to Nairobi – one can pick and choose,

Affordable prices to ensure you do not lose

Memorable experiences that money cannot buy,

So don’t’ hold back and let that opportunity pass you by

Whether you prefer beach or sandy dunes,Christina Terblanche

There is a tour for you, away from city fumes

Africa uncut is what you should expect to feel

When you are exploring with a Nomad guide behind the wheel

We’ll show you Africa at its best,

Choosing the best establishments where the groups rest

We know that camping might not be for you

And that’s the reason we offer accommodated tours too

Mother earth, nature, animals and sea,

No better place than in Africa to be,

So join the Nomad family for a time to explore,

We guarantee you’ll have a tour to remember forever more!

Christina Terblanche


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