Working at Nomad has allowed me to have life changing opportunities! In 2011 I got to travel from Cape Town, through Namibia, Botswana and up to Zimbabwe on the 20 Day Cape Town to Victoria Falls Tour.

This trip opened my eyes to just how amazing my home continent of Africa really is, and gave me a new appreciation, and connection to the land. What I discovered completely changed my outlook and love for Africa, and boosted my patriotism to new levels.

There were so many highlights, but Namibia was particularly spectacular for me and definitely one of my top travel destinations.

With it’s enormous skies, vast open plains, mountain ranges, desert dunes rolling on as far as the eye could see, and it’s amazing people, it is a wilderness to behold! Namibia’s nomadic tribe, the Himba people, had a huge impact on me. They have lived off, and with the land for centuries, being a part of nature, not abusing or destroying it. They take care of their land, and in turn it has taken care of them.

Being on tour, away from life as we know it with all of its day to day stresses and obligations, frees your mind, and allows you to contemplate things in a different light. For example, how we are sometimes shackled by material wants, taking luxuries such as electricity and water for granted, just flicking a switch or turning on the tap.

Being amongst these natural people made me see how at times we can get so caught up, and our thoughts consumed by the want, and we lose some of the focus and essence of what life is really all about.

Not only was the trip an amazing discovery of absolutely breathtaking landscapes and wildlife, but it also touched my soul, and has had a lasting effect on my perceptions of, and life overall.

None of this would have been possible if not for our trusty ‘steed’, Sonny, our awesome Nomad truck. Sonny was our home with a kitchen, dining room, lounge and sometimes a bedroom! We used it for everything and it did not let us down once. It provided shade when we were too hot, shelter in the rain, carried all our food and water, carried meal preparation and tent equipment, which along with the amazing guide and cook made for an unforgettable experience!

If you have ever considered taking an overland trip, stop thinking and get packing, Africa is waiting for you with open arms!

If you’re keen to visit Namibia, these are a selection of our tours that pass through this spectacular area:


20 Day Vic Falls to Cape Town – available in the opposite direction
14 Day Vic Falls to Swakopmund (Desert and Delta) – available in the opposite direction
12 Day Cape Town to Windhoek (Namibian Experience) – available in the opposite direction
7 Day Cape Town to Swakopmund (Desert Explorer) – available in the opposite direction


7 Day Desert Explorer (Cape Town to Swakopmund)
12 Day Best of Namibia (Cape Town to Windhoek)
14 Day Desert and Delta (Swakopmund to Victoria Falls)
20 Day Cape Town to Victoria Falls

For more information about any of the above, please feel free to email us on or call us on +27 (21) 426 5445.

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