Just an hour and a half from Nairobi, Lake Naivasha is popular, not only with international tourists, but with the local population from the big city. So close to Nairobi, and yet so natural and with a pure “escapism” feel.

The large lake is surrounded by various accommodations and small sanctuaries, each aware of, and enjoying the wildlife that surrounds it. Zebra, giraffe, various antelopes, colobus and vervet monkeys, and hippos, are all found in abundance along the lake’s edge.


Whilst sitting in the shade of a large yellow ‘fever’ acacia tree, one can enjoy the antics of all of these animals. Habituated to human presence these creatures simply go about their business, as if you were not here.  Waterbuck graze on the manicured lawns of hotels, giraffe wonder through campsites clipping the tops of the trees, hippos enter and exit the lake, and monkeys comb the campsites and curiously examine each vehicle and tent.

Fish eagles dominate the tree tops, and their loud screeches can be heard all around you. Water birds casually browse the shallow waters and guinea fowl pick their way through the short grass.

It is an absolutely peaceful coming together of man versus wild.

All those that visit seem to embrace the nature, whilst at the same time leaving it to continue without harm. There are no screams and shouts when the monkeys come through the camp, investigating each possible avenue of treasure, no panic when hippos climb clumsily out of the water in front, and no rushing towards a gentle giraffe slowly meandering through. Somehow, here, on the shores of this beautiful lake, a balance has been found, one that makes a person want to stay here for weeks.


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