On the 4th December 2012, Nomad Adventure Tours sponsored a team to enter the 30th Annual Community Chest Twilight Team Run. Word went out to the team who immediately started brainstorming about how to win the best dressed team as we certainly weren’t going to win the fastest team!

We put this out to our fans on Facebook to see if they could give us any great ideas – Fatima from Detour decided that we should dress as the Big 5, but being an all lady team, we decided that we should be truck drivers instead and Tosca (Operations Manager) came up with the excellent idea of building a miniature Nomad truck that we could carry around the 4.5 kilometre race route.

The highly specialised and customised truck building project was put forward to Theunis in Mark’s absence (Workshop Manager), well, we needed some testosterone and guys are just generally better at building trucks! Theunis got all of his design skills together and came up with a truck that not only looked amazing, but it also managed to survive the notorious Cape Town South Easterly winds and being pushed and pulled around the course by six crazy woman!

Cape Town’s mayor opened the ceremony to huge applause coming from the thousands of entrants dressed as pirates, babies, Star Wars characters, mardi gras dancers, Alice in Wonderland, panda bears, clowns and so much more! The costume hire shops must’ve been empty! But no one else had a truck quite as cool as Nomad’s!

The team had an excellent time “driving” our truck through the thousands of people all out to support their local communities. It brought on plenty of smiles and everyone enjoyed interacting with it by either joining us on board, hitching a lift or inadvertently almost getting knocked over by the slightly out of sync woman drivers.

Please be sure to come and join us next year as we’ve decided it is definitely going to be bigger and better and we’d love to see more of you out there on the road having a good laugh and doing it for a great cause!

Thanks to the Community Chest and all the sponsors for making this such a smoothly run and inspiring team event, and for continuing to support such well deserving beneficiaries. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Come and join us on tour and put our Nomad Trucks to the test!

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