My wife and I joined the Sardine Run as part of our honeymoon. Service at the Hotel was wonderful, with friendly and helpful staff – food was basically free flow. It tasted good and fresh all the time.

Our Divemaster, Josh, was basically a human dolphin with the face of Ryan Gosling. He had that bad boy look going on but when he started speaking, he would become an excited geek whenever it involved the sea. He would always drop all these knowledge bombs on whales, dolphins, sharks and sardines – whenever we encountered the baitball, he would actively guide us on how to behave around the baitball and he knew when we could swim in with our cameras. Our skipper, Spike, looked like a grisly trucker/pirate but everytime he laughed, he would end up sounding like a cheerful/sheepish grandfather instead. We had a whale of a time around Spike, and he turned out to be the resident whale expert. We saw 16 humpback whales on our first day! Spike would know how to follow the humpback whales at a comfortable distance, but we would see whales breaching as near as 10 to 15 metres in front of us! They would also surface (to breathe) very near us.




Oystershred, Singapore
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