When I booked my diving adventure in Cape Town there was really only one thing on my mind…the Great White! Ever since I started diving I have had this desire and fear combination whenever this shark has come to mind. I couldn’t wait and the rest of the tour was not something that I really focused on. Turns out that it was not just the Great Whites that made the next four days amazing. Cape Town, what a city!! I loved the vibe in this colorful and vibrant city. The views from Table Mountain were amazing. The history on Robben Island has my skin tingling and the wine….oh the wine!

On our first diving day we were taken to a place called Simons Town where we had a full dive briefing and headed out for our two dives of the day. The first one was a dive with the Cape Fur Seals. Wow! They are so cute and playful. They were curious and came right up to my mask, almost demanding that I play with them. I loved it. I was laughing into my reg the whole time.



The next dive was with the 7 Gilled Cow Sharks. I was not expecting them to be so big. There were around 30 of them just chilling out and were so placid and calm. Looking into their eyes once could really imagine the Jurassic days.

And finally, the Great White day came. My expectations were so high that I was actually worried it might turn out to be an anti-climax. I was wrong! As the first giant materialized out of the distance and came cruising up to the cage I held my breath and came almost eye to eye with this massive shark. It was everything that I had ever imagined, and more. The fear was there, the jaws them tune was playing in my head and then all that passed and I realized that I was in the presence of magic.



This is the most iconic animal and is ‘jaw’ droppingly amazing!

Roshan, Sri Lanka

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