A once in a lifetime diving and safari experience, Kruger and Sharks!…although I dare you to stop at one tour…I plan to return as soon as I can! The wildlife and sealife encountered on this trip blew my mind.

The small group safaris in Kruger Park allowed us to see many animals I had only ever seen on TV, up close and personal and watch their behaviors. The safari portion of the tour exceeded all my expectations. I had SO many memorable dives; getting solicited for a chin-rub by a friendly goliath grouper and then followed by this gentle giant for the rest of the dive, hearing the squeaks, pops, and whistles of a pod of over 100 dolphins swimming past, sighting schooling hammerhead sharks in the distance, being right in the action as Bull (Zambezi) sharks and oceanic sharks zipped around us to investigate bait on the baited dives, snorkelling with a whale shark…and so many more incredible experiences! All of this at a great price with friendly, local guides, lovely, comfortable, clean accommodations and fantastic meals. Hmmm, just writing this makes me want to return (sigh).

Naomi Wiebe – Canada


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