The Sardine Run

    By Oystershred | May 17, 2017

      My wife and I joined the Sardine Run as part of our honeymoon. Service at the Hotel was wonderful, with friendly and helpful staff - food was basically free flow. It tasted good and fresh all the time. Our Divemaster, Josh, was basically a human dolphin with the face of Ryan Gosling. He had that bad boy look going on but when he started speaking, he would become an excited geek whenever it involved… … Read More »

    Kruger and Sharks

    By Naomi Wiebe | May 16, 2017

      A once in a lifetime diving and safari experience, Kruger and Sharks!...although I dare you to stop at one tour...I plan to return as soon as I can! The wildlife and sealife encountered on this trip blew my mind. The small group safaris in Kruger Park allowed us to see many animals I had only ever seen on TV, up close and personal and watch their behaviors. The safari portion of the tour exceeded… … Read More »

    A tour filled with several unexpected delights

    By Vanessa Lill | May 16, 2017

      Kruger, Swaziland and Sharks. It’s a gross understatement to say I was slightly excited the morning we all gathered in Johannesburg to begin our trip and that excitement didn’t wane for a second in the coming days: if anything, it intensified! The Nomad crew, too, were exceptional and did a great job of looking after us: driving us in our big truck from one insane location to the next, cooking up a storm in… … Read More »

    The Cape Town Shark Adventure

    By Roshan | May 16, 2017

      When I booked my diving adventure in Cape Town there was really only one thing on my mind…the Great White! Ever since I started diving I have had this desire and fear combination whenever this shark has come to mind. I couldn’t wait and the rest of the tour was not something that I really focused on. Turns out that it was not just the Great Whites that made the next four days amazing.… … Read More »

    Nomad Dive Safari

    By Amber | May 10, 2017

      I was lucky enough to be part of this Nomad Dive Safaris recently, and the things I saw during those three weeks remain some of the highlights of the many dive trips I have taken. Starting off on land, we had incredible eagle eyed guides in Kruger NP who showed us not only 4 of the big 5 (we missed out on a leopard, but got terrifyingly close to lions), but also, possibly more… … Read More »

    As clichéd as it may sound this really was the trip of a lifetime!

    By Vanessa Lill | May 10, 2017

      Ever since I was a kid I’d been desperate to visit southern Africa, to see all those incredible animals you watch on TV growing up: lions, elephants, rhino, leopards etc. And since becoming a diver ten years ago my desperation only grew as I learned about all the awe-inspiring creatures waiting there for me under the water: dolphins, mantas and a whole host of beautiful sharks! With a three-week trip planned, I was worried… … Read More »