At Indaba this year, we were proud to announce the launch of our Accommodated Masai Mara & Gorilla tour for 2013, with the exception that the night spent in the Masai Mara reserve would be camping.

After months of negotiations, we are thrilled to confirm that the tour is now fully accommodated, no camping required!

This Nomad initiative is a unique development in the overland market, especially with the increasing demand for the Masai Mara & Gorilla product. Not only have we introduced the accommodated Masai Mara and Gorillas tour, we now also offer you the opportunity of offering your guests the option of starting their tour in Entebbe and doing a 7 Day Gorilla Encounter Tour – this is available in a camping or an accommodated option.

7 Day Camping or Accommodated Gorilla Encounter
14 Day Camping or Accommodated Masai Mara and Gorillas Tour

If you are at all in doubt that Nomad has the best East Africa tours in it’s market, have a look at this great feedback that we just received from one of our travellers following their 14 Day Masai Mara and Gorillas tour:

“I’ve recently returned from the 14 day Masai Mara & Gorillas overland camping tour with Nomad Africa Adventure Tours – and don’t quite know where to start…WOW, what a trip! Interacting with the local Masai, cycling through Hell’s Gate National Park (where some of the scenes from ‘Out of Africa’ were filmed), visiting the local school & orphanage at Lake Bunyonyi (‘Loving Hearts Helping Hands’ is a fantastic charity), Gorilla trekking in Bwindi (bucket list check!!), the sunset cruise along the Kazinga Channel (an optional “must”), and white water rafting the mighty Nile River were all phenomenal experiences. The white water rafting was one of the single most awesome things I’ve ever done and is highly recommended (currently US $125 but definitely worth the splurge).

Our guides – Thabani and Godfree – were excellent. Thabani, our head guide and driver, somehow even after a 13 hour drive day (border crossings in Kenya and Uganda are not fun) still had a sense of humour! While Godfree, our cook, ensured we were well fed and made the most amazing dishes. Breakfasts consisted of tea and coffee, cereals, fruit, and bread with a few spreads. Lunch was normally sandwiches with cheese and meats, salads and fruit (there was always the most amazing fresh and succulent fruits). And dinner was anything from pastas, to stews, to BBQ’s. The one night we even had a roast leg of pork! It was divine. We also had one vegetarian in our group which Godfree cooked a completely seperate meal for each evening.

It is a participation tour so you have to put up and take down your own tents, but it seriously is easy peasy (by the end of the tour I could put the tent up all by myself!). But your guide is there to help you so don’t worry. You also take turns helping out to prepare lunch and dinners, and everyone washes their own things. But the rest of the time you can just sit back, relax, and take it all in! And all the campsites we stayed at were fantastic; most had hot water, some had bars (and wifi!!), and I found the general facilities to be very well kept (as well as safe). And for those of you who aren’t all that keen on 14 days of camping, there are options along the way to upgrade to single or dorm rooms (without breaking the bank).

All in all a fantastic tour and a highly recommended company. I feel Nomad offers excellent value for money (their transparent ‘activity package’ is fantastic so you actually know where your ‘local payment’ is going to) and runs an excellent operation with well trained – as well as very knowledgeable – guides. Next on the list? Hopefully Mozambique in 2013!”

Not only is Alex Rutherford Nomad’s hands on owner, he’s also a YouTube guru, please check out and follow our new YouTube Channel and watch our exciting Gorilla video!

We also had a journalist from Safari Interactive who wrote a great article about his experience on this tour, please check it out here:

Overall, the feedback from our tours this year has been outstanding! Have a look at the forums on Tripadvisor to see the wonderful things that our guests have been saying about their experiences with Nomad.

Get ready for an exciting 2013 with Nomad! It’s the first time in our history that we have already confirmed and guaranteed the following East Africa Tours for you – but get booking quickly because they’re filling up fast!


NNV (NANV / NND / NAND / NDV / NADV)1301  Departs Nairobi19 Jan 2013
NNV (NANV / NND / NAND / NDV / NADV)1305Departs Nairobi2 Feb 2013
NNV (NANV / NND / NAND / NDV / NADV)1321Departs Nairobi30 Mar 2013
NNV (NANV / NND / NAND / NDV / NADV)1349Departs Nairobi6 July 2013


NVN (NAVN / NVD / NAVD / NADN / NDN)1309Departs Vic Falls9 Jan 2013
NVN (NAVN / NVD / NAVD / NADN / NDN)1313Departs Vic Falls23 Jan 2013
NVN (NAVN / NVD / NAVD / NADN / NDN)1317Departs Vic Falls6 Feb 2013
NVN (NAVN / NVD / NAVD / NADN / NDN)1321Departs Vic Falls20 Feb 2013
NVN (NAVN / NVD / NAVD / NADN / NDN)1325Departs Vic Falls6 Mar 2013
NVN (NAVN / NVD / NAVD / NADN / NDN)1357Departs Vic Falls26 June 2013
NVN (NAVN / NVD / NAVD / NADN / NDN)1361Departs Vic Falls10 July 2013
NVN (NAVN / NVD / NAVD / NADN / NDN)1365Departs Vic Falls24 July 2013
NVN (NAVN / NVD / NAVD / NADN / NDN)1373Departs Vic Falls21 Aug 2013


NMG (NAMG / NKK / NAKK)1361Departs Nairobi4 Aug 2013

Keep in mind when you’re booking your tour that although they’re the same tour, the Southbound East African Adventure tour is a little cheaper than the northbound route!

And finally, some great reasons to book with Nomad:

– We offer the best value for money on our tours.
– Complete transparency with our optional Activity Package (compulsory on select tours)
– We offer small group departures (maximum 12 guests – double seats for each guest) and the majority of our tours are limited to 18 guests on a 24 seater truck with 3 Nomad crew.
– All of our trucks have communication hatches so that you can speak to the guides whenever you want to and not feel like you’re sitting in cattle class
– The lockers in the trucks are always accessible so you can get to your luggage at any stage and you don’t have to wait for the truck to stop somewhere before being able to get your belongings out of your bags.
– We have fridges on all of our trucks and we provide all guests with tents that are tall enough to stand up in and comfortable sleeping mats.
– We have dining tables and chairs and table cloths on all our tours so that you can be comfortable when you’re eating your candlelit dinner!
– The majority of our guides have been with us for approximately 7 to 8 years, they have stringent Nomad training, they’re all local and are extremely passionate about Africa.
– We have the most scheduled departures of any overland operator in Southern and East Africa
– We have honed our itineraries over 15 years to ensure that we travel to the most spectacular highlights while ensuring an authentic African experience

If any of the above whets your appetite for a little adventure, please have a look at our updated specials valid from the 3rd December 2012! You can also contact us on +27 (21) 426 5445 or email us on

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