On the road between Kampala and the southern gorilla regions of Uganda lies a relatively unknown and young National Park. Lake Mburo is a small area, and not one that holds any fame. There are no lions, elephants or Rhino in the park, and the predators they do have, are few and far between.

Whilst this may sound pretty ordinary, it actually does have a lot going for it. What they do have, they have in abundance. You won’t travel for more than a couple of minutes without seeing something, even in the heat of the afternoon. Zebra (one of the only parks in Uganda with them), Topi, Impala and Waterbuck are everywhere, giraffe stroll around the open savannah areas and the more unusual Eland and bushbucks can also be seen.

But by far the most numerous would be the warthog. They are everywhere, their tails sticking high up in the air and their beautiful long tusks digging up roots as they wander the plains. A common animal, and seen often, it was quite startling to see as many as we did. In every direction there they were, around every corner there were more, and they seemed to accompany us throughout the park.

The park has several campsites, one of which they have named “Kingfisher Camp”, the third along the park route. The camp has basic facilities, in the form of a toilet block and cold showers. They also have a small Boma and seating area.  But it is it’s location that sets it apart. Directly on the waters edge, and on what seems to be the primary hippo entry and exit spot, this camp is really quite peaceful and beautiful. Fish eagles sit in trees all around the camp and make for a continuous background (and sometimes decidedly foreground) accompaniment to your afternoon. Baboons and monkeys make a regular appearance and watch closely as you move around camp, and an array of rustles and noises keep you guessing as to their origin at all times.

Overnight the sounds of hippo close by, and night birds and small creatures keep you constantly engaged.
Upon morning light one wakes with the fish eagles – there is little choice, and as the light starts to glisten over the water, another day in Mburo begins.

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