Africa is alive and waiting for you to discover her magic! Come and explore with us… Forever changing, shifting and reinventing herself, Africa continues to inspire, impress and amaze visitors…



If you dream of having an authentic African adventure, a South African Diving Tour is one of the best ways to achieve it. We organise and plan everything for you, leaving you free to relax and really enjoy your African experience.

All our adventures are ‘off the beaten track’ and the emphasis is on the journey, as well as the destination. Unexpected events are part of the package and often add to your real-Africa experience.

Who should, and does, go on a South African Diving Tour?

South African Diving Tours are for people who have a zest for life and a lust for adventure. If you have an interest in people, places, animals and adventure, then these tours are for you.

Our groups come from all walks of life, and of various nationalities. Although there are often couples and groups of friends together, most travellers are single and the male-female mix generally works out about equal.

All tours, besides guaranteed departures, have a minimum of 4 people. Our dive tours average around 14 people with a maximum of 20. Single Supplements are limited to 4 per tour on all tours.

Experience has shown us that our adventure trips are suitable for the majority of travellers from ages 16 to 65. However, we do accept people older than 65 years because we believe age is a state of mind.



Each day in Africa is new and exciting. A portion of the day is spent travelling from one place to another. The tours can cover large distances and include plenty of highlights. A typical day with us starts at sunrise, making the most of every minute. Lunches are normally informal affairs on the side of the road or a local picnic spot. Evenings are spent socialising and relaxing at camp.

Our guides do most of the work, and on a dive tour your participation is limited to taking turns to assist with washing-up duties and loading your bags.

Vegetarians are easily catered for and are always impressed by our varied menu. Our guides can produce miracles on a camp stove. Special dietary requirements can be met by special request.

Once you have booked with Nomad we will send you a Tour Dossier and a detailed Pre-Departure Information document.

At Nomad we try to design our tours to be as flexible as possible so you can experience Africa in your own way. You can customise your itinerary by mixing and matching the adventures we offer. Tell us what you want and we can make it happen for you.



Let’s face it, there is no such thing as an ‘all-inclusive tour’. There are always extra activities that you can do but at Nomad there are no hidden costs and you remain in control of your choices and finances.



Transport in our specialised vehicles, the services of two qualified guides, a dive leader, meals, accommodation, specified activities and most National Park fees.



Visas, vaccinations, items of a personal nature, alcohol, snacks, activity package items and optional activities.



This is an optional additional payment that covers what we consider to be essential activities on our tours. Ideally, we would include all of these but not everyone can afford this. This payment is 100% transparent and is listed with the itinerary of the tour. If you cannot afford it, or do not want to do the AP, rest assured that your tour will remain uninterrupted and meals and the services of the guides will continue. All the itineraries in this brochure are written with the Activity Packages included.



Nomad has always been the premier foreign language tour operator. All our scheduled tours are conducted in English.