Nomad is proud to be the only adventure tour operator to offer a “business class” option to our already well established and trusted variety of camping and accommodated tours.  At the beginning of 2012 we launched our small group departures.  Imagine the feeling that you get when you find that on your long haul flight, the seat next to you is empty and you get two seats to yourself and a window view… now imagine experiencing that on your 20 day adventure tour!

Our small group tours have a maximum of 12 guests on board our 24 seater truck which means that there is more personalised attention, more space to move around the truck, two lockers, two seats and a window for everyone!

It’s obvious that 12 people in a 12 seater vehicle is not a small group as space is still at a premium and you’re still travelling in a full vehicle and with some operators, this could be in a little van.  A big advantage of small groups should be sufficient space and room to stretch out and 12 people in a 24 seater truck definitely offers all that and more.

On average, Nomad small group departures are only 8-15% more expensive than our regular departures.

As we have been running these exact routes for the last 16 years, Nomad can assure you of a quality product that represents the best these areas have to offer and excellent value for money, a cornerstone of all Nomad products.

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