We’re confident that you have chosen one of the best adventure tour companies in Africa and we will go out of our way to prove it.  Nomad’s tours have been enjoyed by thousands of people from all over the world.  A great attitude, an open mind and being well-prepared ensures that your adventure holiday is a trip of a lifetime.

Keep in mind that you are in Africa.  Standards and services should not be compared with first world countries.  You came here to get away from all that – to experience Africa as it really is. The unexpected is included in your tour – free of charge!

We will provide you with as much information about our tours as possible but please feel free to contact us directly if there is anything specific at all that you’d like more information on.  For specific route information you should refer to your tour dossier which you will find under the “Overview” tab on each tour page on our website in a little box called “Download Dossier”, we have also inserted these download links below to make this a little easier for you if you have already decided which tour you’d prefer.

Please download both your tour dossier and your predeparture information booklet one week prior to your tour departure date to ensure that you have the most up to date information.  Please read through these documents before joining us on tour.

We make every effort to ensure that this document is up to date, but it should be noted that sudden changes in the operational conditions might result in changes to this information.  To the best of our knowledge all of the information is as accurate as possible, however it must be accepted that various details are subject to change.  All changes will be made in the best interest of you, our intrepid travellers!

Click on the link below for our detailed Predeparture Information Booklet, scroll a little further for our informative tour dossiers:

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Tour Name

Tour Code

Tour Type

Addo, Lesotho & Drakensberg – NorthNAPDAccommodated
Addo, Lesotho & Drakensberg – NorthNPDCamping
Best of Africa – NorthNACMGAccommodated
Best of Africa – NorthNCMGCamping
Best of Africa – SouthNAMGCAccommodated
Best of Africa – SouthNMGCCamping
Best of Namibia – NorthNACWAccommodated
Best of Namibia – North- German DepartureNACW GGAccommodated
Best of Namibia – NorthNCWCamping
Best of Namibia – SouthNAWCAccommodated
Best of Namibia – SouthNWCCamping
Best of ZimbabweNAZZAccommodated
Best of ZimbabweNZZCamping
Best of Zimbabwe & KrugerNAZJJAccommodated
Best of Zimbabwe & KrugerNZJJCamping
Best of Zimbabwe & MozambiqueNAZJMAccommodated
Best of Zimbabwe & MozambiqueNZJMCamping
Best of Zimbabwe & South AfricaNAVSAAccommodated
Best of Zimbabwe & South AfricaNVSACamping
Botswana Highlights – NorthNAMVAccommodated
Botswana Highlights – NorthNMVCamping
Botswana Highlights – SouthNAVMAccommodated
Botswana Highlights – SouthNVMCamping
Cape to KrugerNACVJAccommodated
Cape to KrugerNCVJCamping
Cape to Vic & MozambiqueNACVMAccommodated
Cape to Vic & MozambiqueNCVMCamping
Cape Town to Dar es Salaam – NorthNACVDAccommodated
Cape Town to Dar es Salaam – NorthNCVDCamping
Cape Town to NairobiNACNAccommodated
Cape Town to NairobiNCNCamping
Cape Town to Victoria Falls – NorthNACVAccommodated
Cape Town to Victoria Falls – North – German DepartureNACV GGAccommodated
Cape Town to Victoria Falls – NorthNCVCamping
Dar es Salaam to Cape Town – SouthNADVCAccommodated
Dar es Salaam to Cape Town – SouthNDVCCamping
Dar es Salaam to Delta – SouthNAZJAccommodated
Dar es Salaam to Delta – SouthNZJCamping
Delta & Chobe Trail – NorthNAWVAccommodated
Delta & Chobe Trail – North – German DepartureNAWV GGAccommodated
Delta & Chobe Trail – NorthNWVCamping
Delta & Chobe Trail – SouthNAVWAccommodated
Delta & Chobe Trail – SouthNVWCamping
Delta & KrugerNAWJAccommodated
Delta & KrugerNWJCamping
Delta to Dar es Salaam – NorthNAJZAccommodated
Delta to Dar es Salaam – NorthNJZCamping
Delta to GorillasNAJMGAccommodated
Delta to GorillasNJMGCamping
Delta, Chobe & KrugerNAJBKAccommodated
Delta, Chobe & KrugerNJBKCamping
Desert & Delta – NorthNASVAccommodated
Desert & Delta – North – German DepartureNASV GGAccommodated
Desert & Delta – NorthNSVCamping
Desert & Delta – SouthNAVSAccommodated
Desert & Delta – SouthNVSCamping
Desert Explorer – NorthNACSAccommodated
Desert Explorer – North – German DepartureNACS GGAccommodated
Desert Explorer – NorthNCSCamping
Desert Explorer – SouthNASCAccommodated
Desert Explorer – SouthNSCCamping
Discover KenyaNAMNAccommodated
Discover KenyaNMNCamping
Discover MozambiqueNAJMJAccommodated
Discover MozambiqueNJMJCamping
Drakensberg, Lesotho & Addo – SouthNADPAccommodated
Drakensberg, Lesotho & Addo – SouthNDPCamping
Drakensberg, Lesotho & Addo – South – German Departure NADP GGAccommodated
East Africa & GorillasNAVMGAccommodated
East Africa & GorillasNVMGCamping
East African Adventure – NorthNAVNAccommodated
East African Adventure – NorthNVNCamping
East African Adventure – SouthNANVAccommodated
East African Adventure – SouthNNVCamping
Escape to MozambiqueNAMZAccommodated
Escape to MozambiqueNMZCamping
Four Country TrekNACVZJAccommodated
Four Country TrekNCVZJCamping
Garden Route & Lesotho – NorthNACDAccommodated
Garden Route & Lesotho – NorthNCDCamping
Gorilla EncounterNAKKAccommodated
Gorilla EncounterNKKCamping
Gorillas to the Delta – SouthNAMGJAccommodated
Gorillas to the Delta – SouthNMGJCamping
Highlights of Tanzania & KenyaNANNAccommodated
Highlights of Tanzania & KenyaNNNCamping
Johannesburg to Nairobi – NorthNAJNAccommodated
Johannesburg to Nairobi – NorthNJNCamping
Journey to JohannesburgNTVJCamping
Journey to JohannesburgNATVJAccommodated
Kilimanjaro Trek – MachameNMMCamping
Kilimanjaro Trek – MaranguNAMKAccommodated
Kruger & Swaziland – SouthNAJDAccommodated
Kruger & Swaziland – South – German DepartureNAJD GGAccommodated
Kruger & Swaziland – SouthNJDCamping
Kruger, Swaziland & Lesotho – SouthNAJPAccommodated
Kruger, Swaziland & Lesotho – South – German DepartureNAJP GGAccommodated
Kruger, Swaziland & Lesotho – SouthNJPCamping
Lesotho & Garden Route – SouthNADCAccommodated
Lesotho & Garden Route – South – German DepartureNADC GGAccommodated
Lesotho & Garden Route – SouthNDCCamping
Lesotho, Swaziland & Kruger – NorthNAPJAccommodated
Lesotho, Swaziland & Kruger – NorthNPJCamping
Malawi & Vic Falls – SouthNADVAccommodated
Malawi & Vic Falls – SouthNDVCamping
Masai Mara & GorillasNAMGAccommodated
Masai Mara & GorillasNMGCamping
Nairobi to Cape Town – SouthNANCAccommodated
Nairobi to Cape Town – SouthNNCCamping
Nairobi to Johannesburg – SouthNANJAccommodated
Nairobi to Johannesburg – SouthNNJCamping
Okavango & Chobe Trail – NorthNAJVAccommodated
Okavango & Chobe Trail – NorthNJVCamping
Okavango & Chobe Trail – SouthNAVJAccommodated
Okavango & Chobe Trail – SouthNVJCamping
Okavango, Zimbabwe & KrugerNADVJAccommodated
Okavango, Zimbabwe & KrugerNDVJCamping
Serengeti & Zanzibar Trek – SouthNANDAccommodated
Serengeti & Zanzibar Trek – SouthNNDCamping
South African Explorer – NorthNACJAccommodated
South African Explorer – NorthNCJCamping
South African Explorer – SouthNAJCAccommodated
South African Explorer – South – German DepartureNAJC GGAccommodated
South African Explorer – SouthNJCCamping
Southern CircleNACCAccommodated
Southern CircleNCCCamping
Swaziland & Kruger – NorthNADJAccommodated
Swaziland & Kruger – NorthNDJCamping
The Garden Route – NorthNACPAccommodated
The Garden Route – NorthNCPCamping
The Garden Route – SouthNAPCAccommodated
The Garden Route – South – German DepartureNAPC GGAccommodated
The Garden Route – SouthNPCCamping
The Kruger Big 5NAJJAccommodated
The Kruger Big 5NJJCamping
Vic Falls & Malawi – NorthNAVDAccommodated
Vic Falls & Malawi – NorthNVDCamping
Victoria Falls to Cape Town – SouthNAVCAccommodated
Victoria Falls to Cape Town – SouthNVCCamping
Waterfalls & WildlifeNAJVJAccommodated
Waterfalls & WildlifeNJVJCamping
Zanzibar & Serengeti Trek – NorthNADNAccommodated
Zanzibar & Serengeti Trek – NorthNDNCamping
Egyptian Nubian AdventureNENAAccommodated
Moroccan MosaicsNEMMAccommodated