The Serengeti National Park is the most photographed and filmed game reserves in Africa. With an incredibly dense population of wildlife and never-ending rolling plains, the Serengeti offers an authentic and idyllic wilderness safari. This is the Africa many of us dream of: an abundance of wildlife, beauty, tranquillity and endless clear, summer days. The Serengeti National Park is located in Tanzania and is over 14 763 square kilometres in size. The park can be … > View More

    Victoria Falls is undoubtedly one of Africa’s most beautiful treasures. They border Zimbabwe and Zambia and are the region’s most visited tourist hotspot. The falls are by no means the world’s biggest waterfall, however their length and the vast volume of water which find its way to the falls via the Zambezi river makes them the world’s largest waterfall. Victoria Falls was names after Queen Victoria by the first European explorer who set their sights … > View More

    The Kruger National Park is the largest game reserve in South Africa and attracts over half a million tourists every year. Experience the thrill of being on safari, observing the big five as well as zebras, giraffe and rhinos and be inspired by an authentically African atmosphere. Kick back and relax while exploring the park with Nomad Tours; you’ll have the time of your life and a Kruger experience you couldn’t have imagined possible. The … > View More

    Mozambique is a world renowned destination for beach lovers, water sport enthusiasts and marine wildlife lovers, there are a multitude of islands and kilometres of sandy beaches to explore. Bazaruto island is without doubt one of the most well-known and sought after among travellers to the region. The sandy island is located 80km south east of the mouth of the Save River, it is the largest in the Bazaruto archipelago and is part of the … > View More

    Nomad Tours specializes in gorilla tours, taking our guests to the beautiful mountains of Uganda or Rwanda to see these majestic giants in their natural habitats. These creatures are extremely endangered – there are approximately only 600 left worldwide – and they are incredibly difficult to get to; making seeing the mountain gorillas a real once in a lifetime opportunity. Observing these endangered animals in their natural environment is humbling and extremely rewarding as they’ll … > View More

    Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain and offers tourists an exciting and challenging adventure. If you have a passion for climbing and exploring, or simply want to tick off an item from your bucket list, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro will be an inspiring and unforgettable experience. Book yourself on a Tanzania Nomad Tours package and climb Mount Kilimanjaro with the professionals and a new group of friends. Mount Kilimanjaro offers a world of mystery and excitement. > View More

    The Garden Route can be found on the south eastern coast of South Africa and stems from Heidelberg in the Western Cape to the Storms River in the Eastern Cape. Here, you’ll be able to explore several different eco-systems and a variety of landscapes, all unique to South Africa and truly breathtaking. Offering stunning scenery, quaint and quiet seaside towns and a vibrant yet laid back atmosphere, the Garden Route is a truly idyllic getaway. > View More

    Ngorongoro crater tours are essential part of any visit to Africa. This UNESCO world heritage site holds a wealth of fascinating areas of interest for historians and the general public. Some of the oldest hominid remains have been found near the crater as well as artefacts dating back to early human evolution. The animal life is abundant and the craters amazing historical footprint extends into the animal kingdom too with fossilised remains having previously been … > View More

    The Namib-Naukluft National Park is bigger than Switzerland at 49,768 square km, making it the largest game park in Africa. Being in Namibia this national park is predominantly made up of fiery desert and burnt orange dunes and hills formed by the push and pull of the wind. Unlike most wild parks around the world that are filled with typical wild African and untamed animals, the Namib-Naukluft National Park is filled with animals of a … > View More

    Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania, and is made up of several small islands, forming an archipelago. The islands lie between 25km and 50km off the coast of mainland Africa, and have become a popular tourist destination in recent decades. With African, Arab and Portuguese influences, Zanzibar is alive with a vibrant culture and diverse people. The largest and main island of Zanzibar is Unguja, which is unofficially known as Zanzibar amongst locals, the … > View More

    Lake Malawi is the third largest lake in Africa and is a true paradise. Located between Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania, though mostly in Malawi, this lake is a major food source to hundreds of locals while offering tourists the opportunity to access while exploring three different countries. Estimated to be somewhere between 40 000 and 2 million years old, Lake Malawi has been an attraction for thousands of years; locals, explorers and settlers, it’s attracted … > View More

    South Luangwa National Park situated in the Luangwa river valley in Zambia, it is the south most national park in the region and the most popular destination for visitors to the region. South Luangwa National Park travel provides unparalleled game viewing as it is a wildlife haven, supporting herds of buffalo and giraffe. The river that gives the valley its’ name and which runs through the park is a habitat for both hippopotamuses and crocodiles. > View More

    The beautiful Lake Nakuru can be found in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. It is protected by the Lake Nakuru National Park and is one of the main centres of attraction in Kenya. While visiting the lake, you’ll have the rare opportunity to see hundreds of pink flamingos that famously line its shore, as well as other wildlife which make themselves at home in the area, including warthogs, baboons and black and white rhinos. > View More

    Hwange National Park, the largest park in Zimbabwe, is one of Africa’s finest havens for wildlife and is home to Africa’s Big 5 large concentrations of zebra and giraffe. Elephant make up the largest proportion of the biomass, and are so prolific that culling has been periodically considered. It is also home to many predators and endangered species – lion are sighted frequently, while leopard and rhino are seen less often. It is also the … > View More

    Etosha Pan National Park is a large endorheic salt pan which forms part of the Kalahari basin. It is a 120 km long dry lake bed, which is protected by the Etosha National Park home to some of the most phenomenal game viewing in the world. One of the elements that make the Etosha National park tours so memorable is that the camps sites within the park are built on the edge of water holes, … > View More

    The Fish River Canyon in the South of Namibia is the second largest in the world and the largest in Africa, in places it is 27kms wide and up to 550m deep in total it is over 160km long. Fish River canyon tours should be on everyone’s list of things to see before they die. It is a natural wonder that should not be missed when visiting Southern Africa. Another major attraction of the area … > View More

    Lake Naivasha is a beautiful freshwater lake in Kenya. It lies just north west of Nairobi and just outside of the town, Naivasha. Its name derived from the “Nai’posha”, the Masai word for “rough water”; a name which aptly describes the sudden storms which arise in the region. The lake has a vast surface area of 139 square kilometres and averages at 6 meters in depth. Lake Naivasha is home to over 400 different bird … > View More

    Knysna is a gem on the Garden Route and is flanked by George and Plettenberg Bay. The town resides neatly on the outskirts of the Knysna Lagoon and is surrounded by mountains that are home to the notorious Knysna Forest. The area has an incredibly laid back atmosphere and serves as both a permanent and holiday address for many locals and tourists. It is popular for its annual Oyster and Pink festivals and is a … > View More

    The plains of South Africa are renowned for their wildlife, with the Big 5 being the most popular. While many game parks offer fantastic opportunities to see these creatures in their natural state, few of them offer sightings as great as The Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park. Together these two intertwined reserves span over 96, 000 hectares and wildlife can be found on every part of this land. While Umfolozi is renowned for its vast wild bird population, … > View More

    The Matopos National Park, known by many as the Matobo National Park, is one of Southern Zimbabwe’s most beautiful and popular regions. Just 35 km south of Bulawayo, this National Park in Africa is easily accessed and a true gem to be explored. Made up of rolling hills, thick bush, granite rock formations and an abundance of wildlife, Motopas is without a doubt a truly enchanting piece of Africa. National Parks in Zimbabwe have worked … > View More