Leaving behind the beautiful scenic views of Table Mountain in the distance and heading for the mountains, our big journey begins!

The Cederberg Mountains and nature walk are amazing and a good way to start of this adventure tour, sitting around a big camp fire getting to know everyone and setting the picture for the next 20 days to come.


Canoeing on the Orange River; admiring the beautiful sunset over the Fish River Canyon, and the best Apple Pie at Sesriem. In Sossusvlei we spent the morning climbing dune 45 for sunrise and end off having lunch surrounded by all the amazing burnt orange dunes. In Swakopmund you can find loads of activities you could take part in all depending on what you are brave enough for ;) I would HIGHLY suggest the skydiving!! It is really a fantastic experience and a wonderful view once you are up there. The Himba Tribe is a very friendly and private tribe; you are welcomed once you arrive by all the children’s laughter and smiles. Here they show you their way of life and teach you a little more about themselves.


Once arrived at your camp in Botswana you have a lovely dinner made for; you while you watch the Bushmen dance around a massive bonfire, this is a very spiritual dance and it is both intriguing and mesmerizing.

When you leave your camp for the Okavango Delta the fun begins!! You are taken by a truck into the heart of the bush where you will then make your way further up the delta in the Mokoro’s (dug out tree trunk canoes). Here you spend the next two nights in the WILD! There are so many Hippos and elephants, baboons and small insects this is really a true African experience. At night you will be entertained by the local people who will sing and dance for you. I have never seen so many stars like I have when I was in the delta; that was truly something special to me.

At the Chobe National Park you will board the boat for the sunset cruise, I was amazed at how many Elephants roamed the National park, along with all other different animals, but as I love elephants they stood out the most for me. Cruising on the river, drink in the hand, the most beautiful

African sunset in the distance with Elephants all roaming freely and drinking and cleaning themselves in the river – Beautiful!


Once crossing the border into Zimbabwe and no real clue of what to expect, we arrive into a small town of Victoria Falls which was by far on our journey the greenest and most colorful town we have been in! All the flowers were in bloom, streets were so clean and the markets were heaving with smiles and greetings. I visited the Victoria Falls just after rainy season which left most of the white water rafting spots closed due to the high water levels, but to me this was perfect! The water was so forceful, so heavy, with so much mist spraying around the walk ways all day! Magical!

For my activities I did was the elephant encounter where you ride on the back of one of the well known elephants, mine was named Miss Ellie. On this ride, they teach you about the surroundings and about the elephants and what they are doing to help them. After that in the afternoon I did the lion walk! Well need I say sweaty palms and a racing heart! When they say young lions they really don’t mean cubs! But once they tell you about the lions and the way they are and exactly how to act with them, you set out on your hour and half walk with these amazing mammals!!! I got to rub ones belly and walk beside it like it was my pet. I will never ever forget this experience and highly suggest this to anyone who is going that way! I will do it again in a heartbeat.

In conclusion this is an amazing tour by really finding the best of all of these countries and exposing them to you. If you have 20 days to spoil yourself – book this tour! :)

Nomad Africa Adventure Tours 20 Day Cape Town to Victoria Falls Camping Tour

Nomad Africa Adventure Tours 20 Day Cape Town to Victoria Falls Accommodated Tour